Custom Hash Oil For Your Vape Pen

Abdullah meets up with John Dawson from Kung Fu Vapes to create some unique flavors of hash oil.
4 weeks ago 16114

24,000-square-foot marijuana dispensary opens in Los Angeles County | ABC7

The tiny city of Maywood is jumping in on the cannabis craze, hoping it will result in big profits.
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I Smoke Weed With Old People (4.20 Questions)

In honor of marijuana legalization in California, I smoked weed with old people and attempted to ask 20 questions.
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ALL THIS WEED: A VICE Labs Presentation

Lorelei Ramirez comes upon a pile of weed and must figure out what to do with it before time is up.
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Wizman 420 Is Using Cannabis to Promote Freedom in China | WIDE WORLD OF CANNABIS

Cannabis has been cultivated in China for over 10,000 years, after early agricultural communities discovered that the plant could be used both for its...
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Haha Davis on Detroit Dank and Being Mentored by Uncle Snoop | About That Time

Our latest episode of “About That Time” (broadcasting every Tuesday & Thursday at 4:20pm ET on Facebook Live) chopped it up with Detroit-bred comi...
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Legal Marijuana in Jamaica w/ The Bubbleman

Media in Neighborhoods Group (MING) is a socially conscious film company based in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 2014 by El Sawyer and Jon Kaufman, MING...
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OT Genasis Gets Real on His Rock Star Dreams | GGN With SNOOP DOGG

On the latest episode of GGN, Snoop Dogg sits down with one of the Southland’s rising stars to talk Coco, Cut It, and more.
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Randy Wants To Try Marijuana

Randy Liedtke (Last Comic Standing) has never smoked weed, so it was important for him to have the most authentic experience imaginable.
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