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    Easy Strains To Grow At Home

    While the trend of becoming more self-sufficient over the past year is largely due to the widespread pandemic, there’s also the growing realization that a lot of what our “spend culture” promotes can be achieved[…]

    Pairings: Weed & Pizza

    What’s better than being high off your ass and eating pizza? Few things. Very few things. But what could make your faded pizza experience even better? Weed that’s specifically tailored to your taste buds. So[…]

    Strains That Make You Smarter

    For quite some time, the image of the lazy stoner is what most people associated with marijuana: a mythical burnout snacking on Cheetos, neglecting responsibilities and being of no service to himself or society. Thankfully,[…]

    Best Strains For Sleeping

    You’re laying in bed, tossing and turning. You can’t sleep but you need to sleep. You have work in the morning! If you don’t catch at least a few Zzz’s, you’re going to get crushed.[…]

    Best Movies To Watch High

    You’ve done it. You’ve purchased snacks, you’ve gotten high, and now you’re deciding what to watch. But before you waste your stoney situation on a subpar flick, let us suggest to you a few audio/visual[…]

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