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    Delta-10 Explained

    Delta-10 is not some cool offering from Delta Airlines nor a challenging math equation you forgot about from high school. Rather, Delta-10 is a THC cannabinoid, one of thousands found in cannabis, but one that[…]

    The Art Of The Bong Rip

    Want a better bong rip? Let’s talk about technique. Here we outline a strategy to improve your bong rip game – from the ground up – so you’ll be ripping better bongs for the rest[…]

    Strains That Help With ADD

    While having ADD is a struggle, it doesn’t always have to be. With advancements in the cannabis arena, there are now several strains that can help you improve your focus and overall sense of wellbeing.[…]

    Interview With Keith Allen

    Getting to know Keith Allen, CEO of Round Meadow Holdings, G4 Live, and Budtender Awards.   What is your role at G4 Live / Budtender Awards?  I am the CEO of Round Meadow Holdings, the[…]

    Shrooms: The Tesla Of Drugs

    While cannabis gets most of the attention in the drug legalization conversation, magic mushrooms could be next in line to dominate the headlines. Advancements in the cultivation of psilocybin – the active ingredient in psychedelic[…]

    Pre-Roll Vs Hand-Roll

    To pre-roll or to hand-roll? That’s the question. And at first glance, it seems like a no-brainer. Pre-roll, of course! Who doesn’t like pre-packaged, tightly rolled joints that involve zero effort on your part to[…]

    5 Romantic CannaEvenings

    This month, many folks will celebrate Valentine’s Day – a “Hallmark Holiday” of sorts – exemplified by couples professing their love to each other and eating delicately wrapped chocolates. But for our 420 friends, Valentine’s[…]

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