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    Introducing the Revolver from H7

    H7 H7 Hydro-Fidelity is first and foremost an innovative hydroponic brand for those passionate about having the most capabilities for achieving amazing results! Our name, Fidelity, and its core definition describe many of the values[…]

    Sweets + Dreams’ Class

    By now, you should be aware of the new PhytoFacts® cannabis classification system that has been introduced to provide a more detailed analysis of cannabis strains. If you aren’t aware of it, then go ahead[…]

    Can You Travel With HHC?

    If you have a trip coming up and you’re considering bringing some HHC products with you, you are probably wondering about the legality of HHC and whether or not you are allowed to travel with[…]

    How Long Does HHC Stay in Your System?

    As the cannabis industry continues to add new alternatives to standard delta-9 THC, a new, lesser-known cannabinoid called hexahydrocannabinol, or simply HHC, has emerged. Like delta-8, its popularity is due in part to the more[…]

    HHC: The Next Big Cannabinoid

    First, the CBD craze swept the nation. Then, it was Delta-8 THC that everyone was raving about. Next up? HHC. Curious about this rare hemp-derived cannabinoid? Read on for a crash course in what is[…]

    What is HHC?

    The cannabis industry is one that’s ever-changing and always evolving. With that brings the emergence of new cannabinoids and compounds for consumers to learn about — and even try. Today, we’re focusing entirely on HHC:[…]

    CannaZip – Your Brand Your Way

    Deciding the packaging that will represent your brand can be a daunting task. What type of container, the material, the design, the presentation…all thoughts that rush through your head, it’s enough to make it spin! CannaZip is[…]

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