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    The Vulcan Story

    It all started when the founder of Octo Innovative Solutions had a vision to create a grinder that would make grinding easy and comfortable for everyone, even those with arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome.  The[…]

    What is Ooze C-Core Technology?

    Ooze recently launched a collection of vaporizers designed around a clean ceramic core, or the C-Core. The Ooze C-Core is a ceramic heating mechanism that provides faster heating, better flavor, and creates an overall smarter[…]

    New Science Behind Eliminating Weed Odors

      Aroma Retail Unveils New Scientifically Supported Cannabis Smell Neutralization Line. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES Aroma Retail, LLC, the leading provider of ambient scenting and scent delivery systems for homes and businesses, is proud[…]

    Get High With Infinite CBD

    Get ready to take your THC experience to the next level with Infinite CBD! Infinite works with all different kinds of cannabinoids. They enhance people’s everyday lives with everything from hemp derived CBD and THC[…]

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