Catch the Latest Updates on the US Marijuana Legalization Front

A February poll by Quinnipiac University concluded that  59% of American voters want cannabis legalized. The poll further found that 71% do not want the US federal government to prosecute cases of marijuana use in those states where its use is legal. Despite these trends, the debate on legalization doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

AG Sessions Heaps Praise on Failed D.A.R.E. Program

On Tuesday, before the 30th D.A.R.E. International Training Conference, A.G. Jeff Sessions is reported to have offered his appreciation to the efforts made by the “Just say no” crowd. D.A.R.E. was formed in the early 80s to address what was believed by many to have been a CIA inspired crack epidemic. Judge Session has often praised the activities of the anti-drug crusaders.

However, far from being effective, many think D.A.R.E. was an abject failure, at least, if what the Feds think. In 2003, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) disclosed that the D.A.R.E. program made absolutely no difference. Their 6-long-term DARE elementary school curriculum evaluations found no significant differences when it came to illicit drug use among those students who had received DARE (intervention group) and those who did not grade (the intervention group).

Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute Founder Supports Medical Marijuana

Jon Huntsman Sr., Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) founder, recently announced that he is an ardent advocate of medical marijuana. He voiced his unequivocal support during a Salt Lake City’s Fox 13 News sit-down interview. Huntsman Sr. is a major force in the Mormon Church, and perhaps his support may make a huge difference in 2018.

Utah has historically been resistant to whole plant medicinal cannabis. In 2014, the State passed limited legislation on medical marijuana. This being a CBD oil-only state, use of therapeutic oil has been restricted to only patients who qualify under severe categories of epilepsy. Currently, however, CBD extract is unavailable in Utah; those patients who want to use the therapeutic oil are forced to seek it from another medical marijuana state.

Alaska Weighing its Public Marijuana Consumption Options

Although in Alaska marijuana for recreational use was legalized in 2015, until this year, Alaskan consumers have been finding it challenging to get any merchandise. Now that the State seems to have sorted out the supply issues, the problem facing lawmakers in that region is deciding where cannabis users can enjoy their stuff after shopping.

Anchorage, a major city in Alaska is voicing its support of streamlined social use as many local businesses have started complaining about roaming pot smokers. Anchorage Assembly members have prepared and submitted a draft resolution that supports public consumption. Already, the city has approved two dispensaries downtown for recreational sales.According to Christopher Constant, an Anchorage Assembly member, the proposal seeks to petition the State’s Marijuana Control Board to act effectively towards regulating the public consumption of marijuana downtown.


In the United States last year, legal cannabis consumers spent about $5.9 billion, this is according to the ArcView, a group that studies investments in the industry. As more states across the US take proactive steps towards the legalization of pot in one form or the other, this figure can only be expected to continue rising. For example, experts are predicting that by 2021, that figure could reach $19 billion.


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