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    Cantrip: Truly Social Cannabis for Everyone

    Cantrip, a cannabis beverage brand, has designed its products with a simple idea in mind: create great experiences with great beverages made from great ingredients. Cantrip is not just for new cannabis consumers – with its new 50mg d9-THC sodas, there is a Cantrip for everybody. 

    The proposal for cannabis beverages is pretty easy to understand: creating a water-soluble cannabis product makes the effects occur more quickly than traditional edibles, creating a more controllable experience for the consumer and a more easily understandable product for newer cannabis consumers. With a line of low-dose seltzers to help new and returning cannabis consumers find what works for them and a line of high-dose, multiple-serving, and reclosable sodas, getting a great cannabis product has never been easier.

    How do cannabis beverages work?

    Through a process known as emulsion, d9-THC and other cannabinoids are turned from an oil into a water-soluble substance using all-natural ingredients. This water-soluble cannabis is then blended into the beverage batches at specific amounts to create the product.

    Normally, an edible consists of small droplets of oil suspended in a gummy or a chocolate bar. Those oil droplets can’t make it through the lining of the stomach and end up processing in the liver. The liver processes those cannabinoids into related but slightly different cannabinoids, leading to a more potent and much-delayed effect – sometimes up to 90 minutes after the edible is swallowed!

    By providing an already water-soluble cannabinoid, the d9-THC can make it into your system from the stomach, leading to a quicker onset. Most onset for Cantrip is reported at 10-15 minutes, with an average of 11 minutes reported by consumers.

    Hangout Without the Hangover

    We’ve all been there – you take one too many rips off the joint and suddenly you have to leave the party and go lie down. Cantrip’s flagship product, our low-dose semi-sweet seltzers infused with terpenes and 3-5mg of d9-THC, are the solution to this problem.

    Cantrip’s seltzers are titled the “Hangout Without the Hangover,” because they are easy to consume with friends. Instead of carrying around a White Claw or other alcoholic beverage, Cantrip’s seltzers are designed so that the effect begins over the course of the first drink and intensifies with subsequent drinks consumed – parallel to how people are already used to drinking. This is great for helping cannabis consumers socialize without getting too high to stay social. And because there’s no alcohol, there’s no hangover.

    Flying Higher

    Not everyone is a new cannabis consumer, and we recognize that. Cantrip wants to be everybody’s beverage of choice, even for those who are old-hat at cannabis and don’t recognize 5mg d9-THC as a “real dose.” 

    Introducing Cantrip’s sodas – in Orange Soda and Root Beer, these sodas are 50mg of d9-THC in a 12 oz can, sweeter than the seltzers, and feature re-closable, child-resistant caps incase the right amount for you is greater than 5 but less than 50mg. These sodas are made with natural flavorings and are ready to take you Sky High.

    Always Innovating

    Cantrip is always innovating new beverages and does all R&D in-house. Designed by master mixologist and CEO Adam Terry, Cantrip is on the way to becoming the go-to cannabis beverage in any format. Cantrip will be the first cannabis and hemp company to release a completely clean label, 10mg d9-THC cannabis functional beverage packed with vitamins and adaptogens to create the ultimate enhanced and balanced energy, expanding Cantrip’s portfolio into the functional beverage space. Keep a look out for this product being released at the end of May and follow Cantrip for more exciting, innovative releases.


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