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    Cannabis & Weight Loss

    You’d think cannabis and weight loss wouldn’t be a thing. The munchies? That’s a recipe for packing on the pounds, not shedding them. But what if we told you research has shown that consuming cannabis can actually aid with weight loss? While there’s no substitute for diet and exercise, here’s how cannabis can potentially help you drop some LBs.

    Your Metabolism

    In two popular and widely circulated studies from 2011, research found that rates of obesity were higher in people who did not use cannabis than people who did use. The theory then became that when you use cannabis regularly, you actually burn more calories long term and end up storing less fat. Essentially, the suggestion here is that higher cannabis use potentially leads to lower caloric intake and a boost to your metabolism.

    Eating And Drinking

    Other research has shown that using cannabis regularly may also decrease the amount of alcohol one consumes, which also contributes to lower caloric intakes. The fact that consuming cannabis also helps relieve pain and stress and helps users experience more restful sleep also contributes to the idea that having more energy will lead to more exercise, and thus lower body weight.



    As mentioned, reduced pain and stress leads to a more restful sleep. So if by not consuming cannabis, you’re having more pain and more stress, well then you’re experiencing two of the main contributors to poor sleep. If poor sleep can be a factor in weight gain, then signs point to sparking up as way to keep away unwanted pounds.


    One of the biggest outlets for stress relief is stress eating. Repeated studies have shown that consuming comfort foods and overeating increase as stress increases. If consuming weed can reduce stress, then in effect, consuming weed can save you from stress eating, and thus, help with weight loss.


    Body Mass Index – or BMI – is a tool to measure a person’s total body fat using their height and weight measurements. Certain studies have shown that increasing one’s cannabis use actually increases one’s metabolism and reduces fat storage, ultimately helping to lower one’s BMI.

    Weight Loss Strains

    While there are no official “weightloss” strains of cannabis, it’s believed that Sativas are generally most effective at boosting metabolism and energy. Popular Sativas like Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack and Sour Diesel are seen as helpful to the weightloss process when combined with physical activity and a well-balanced diet.

    Remember: there’s no magic cannabis that makes weight loss possible. But by eating healthing and exercising, cannabis can compliment your regimen by giving your workouts an energetic boos and/or helping control your appetite.


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