Cannabis Highness: How Long Does It Last?

You probably must have heard about the highness associated with cannabis. Right now, you think you’re ready to have your first encounter with this thing called weed. You want to have this experience, but somehow you are not sure of how long it will take for the mind-altering effects of the herb to wear off.
Fortunately, if you are interested in consuming cannabis through inhaling, then the effects don’t last very long. However, if you’re thinking of going for the Edibles, that’s a different pot case.
To understand how long it takes for the effect to wear off and what to expect after that, keep reading the content.

How long Am I going to be High?

For new users, this experience can be little at the extreme; this is because when inhaled tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the potent constituents, rushes into and saturates the brain in a matter of minutes.
Within few minutes – say 15 minutes of inhaling the weed the effects kicks in, it rides itself out and starts waning within the course of one to three hours.
However, this is not the case when cannabis is ingested orally; you only get to feel the effect take hold anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It takes anything between four to eight hours to run its full course.
In summary, how long the effects of the herb last in the body system is dependent on the mode of consumption.
  • When Inhaled: one to three hours
  • Taken as Edibles: Four to eight hours

Are there any other effects after the Highness?

The potent ingredient of cannabis, the THC has a long half life — the half-life of a drug is the length of time it will take for the compound to reduce its concentration in the bloodstream. Even though the severe effects of cannabis does not last for long, you could get little high after the initial highness.

This new high or “being washed” is as a result of the release of cannabis into the blood for the second time during the process of converting body fats into energy – THC are stored in the body fats. It has been documented that most consumers experience what is called “cannabis hangover.”
Unlike the alcohol hangover, a cannabis hangover merely makes you feel a little tired. But with a good rest, plenty of water, and some healthy diet it goes away.

What’s the effect of Cannabis on Teens?

According to Dr. Francis Jensen, author of The Teenage Brain, Cannabis affects teenagers differently and longer than it affects adults. This is so because cannabis stays longer in the brain of the adolescents which may lead them to experience the mind-altering effect for a far longer time.
A quick recap, the effects of cannabis is short-lived, which means you should expect it to wear off within few hours. However, the herb can make you feel tired when you had consumed it in large quantities. This mind-altering effect has been shown to last longer in teens and adolescent. Hence, the recommendation to hold off using cannabis until adulthood.


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