Cannabis: How To Grow Just One Pot Plant In Your Home

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Have you ever wondered why people tend to smoke more during warm weathers? Could it be there’s something about these sunshine months that draw out the toker in all of us?
During this period, the attention of the more enthusiastic lovers of cannabis shifts from rolling dope to growing the plant. These months also mark a heightened period of inquiries from folks asking about growing their own little pot plant at home.
Well, we’re always glad to help and in the our spirit of generosity we decided to make a blog post about the critical things to consider when planning on planting your own pot plant.



With all the hush surrounding the plant, we just want to let you know that growing a pot plant is not difficult --- well, it’s just one plant! Also, the plant is called a weed for a reason, guess what ---- like a weed it grows easily and anywhere.
Now that we have gotten those out of the way, there’s one aspect of growing weed that needs reminding; it is critical to the quality of yield from your plant. The cannabis plant is a flowering plant; which means it flowers only once in the year, during the fall season when the daylight is shortened.
This information is particularly important for the home grower because the light period of the plant must be controlled to keep the plant from flowering prematurely.
To keep the plant in a vegetate state, the light period must be controlled to provide a solid 12+ hours of light every day. This enables the plant to mature and be able to yield a healthy well-developed specimen.


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A  Horticultural Lighting
This is going to be probably the most expensive item you will need. The lamp helps you to control the amount of light the plant is exposed to in a day. An alternative to the lamp is a well-lit window with a good portion of sunlight during the day and a fluorescent bulb to supplement the sunlight after sunset.
A Plant Container
The container will hold the soil for planting the weed on. Some things to consider while choosing a container include breathability for the plant roots, drainage holes and saucers to hold run-off water.
Organic Soils
Choose soils that will allow air penetrate to the root zone, to provide oxygen for the plant roots. There’re some organic soils which come with mild nutrients already mixed. This will reduce the burden to feed your plant.
Stimulating the Flowering Cycle
Once your plant has matured and ready for flowering, you have to set the photoperiod to an even light and dark period --- that is 12 hours of day light and an equal 12 hours of darkness.
Care should be taken to avoid light near the plant during the dark period in order to avoid disrupting the plant’s flowering.
There you have the guide to growing only just one pot in your home. What are your thoughts on these? Are there some tricks you use you would like to share?


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