Cannabis Edibles: No Longer a Joke Food

A group of stoner hippie types are hanging out to eat, watch movies and share a dessert of pot brownies. After ingesting the brownies, they are all giggling and acting silly as they watch a movie. The next day they joke about the great high those brownies gave them, and look forward to the next brownie night party.
If this is your view of marijuana edibles, it’s because of images like this that have been around for decades. For years, throwing copious amounts of dried marijuana into brownie mixtures, creating the famous pot brownies, was how most people learned about edibles. Brownies infused with pot was something to laugh about, until now.

How Edibles Became Respectable

The movement to legalize marijuana use for medical and recreational purposes has grown so strong that many states are changing laws or adapting lenient policies about its use. The people, of course, are driving this movement and a majority in the U.S. now favor legalization. That’s a huge sea change, and with this change of attitude comes a renewed respect for cannabis edibles. Sure, pot brownies are still around, and enjoyed by many – not just traditional stoner types. But the wide-spread acceptance of medical marijuana has resulted in patients seeking out alternatives to dosing through smoking.
Cannabis suppliers started experimenting with developing edibles using various plant strains containing different amounts of CBD and THC. Some patients prefer edibles with high concentrations of THC and others won’t touch an edible unless it has low THC and high CBD. A lot of people don’t want to feel any type of high when eating an edible. This is causing a dramatic shift in how edibles are made, and edible makers are now catering to all these concentration desires.
Additionally, edibles are being monitored by state authorities, and stricter regulations over edibles are probably on the horizon. Even so, the popularity of edibles is exploding, and maybe someday they’ll be more popular than the classic rolled joint.

Where Can You Find Legal Edibles?

Currently, if you want to enjoy legal cannabis edibles, you must live in a state that has legalized medical marijuana, and be a patient with legal access to a medical marijuana dispensary. Which is why the push to legalize medical marijuana in all 50 states is so important, because many people who can benefit from THC edibles don’t have access to them.
If you are strictly interested in the medical benefits of CBD, and don’t care about THC at all, you can find legal CBD hemp edibles locally and online. Some of these products include gum, gummies and energy chews. You can also find CBD oil recipes and make your own homemade edibles, yes, including brownies. Of course, CBD products won’t make you feel high, so they may not be appealing to recreational users.

Respect Their Potency

Wolfing down an edible candy bar without knowing your tolerance level can make you feel loopy, or knock you out for hours. If you are new to edibles infused with THC, take care to eat them responsibly.

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