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    Can You Travel With HHC?

    If you have a trip coming up and you’re considering bringing some HHC products with you, you are probably wondering about the legality of HHC and whether or not you are allowed to travel with it. HHC-THC, an extracted cannabinoid variant that has recently been growing in popularity, is a great THC alternative and produces many of the same effects as standard THC, including muscle relaxation, mood elevation and euphoria.

    To address these questions, it’s important to understand the general legality of HHC and other delta-THC products. Legality may vary by location.

    Is HHC Legal?

    As of now HHC-THC products are federally legal under the Farm Bill of 2018. The bill made all products derived from hemp containing less than 0.3 percent THC legal for production and sale. This was great news for the cannabinoid market, and popular variants like delta-8 and HHC-THC emerged.

    Delta-8 has fallen under regulation or outright bans in some states, but luckily HHC-THC has largely been flying under the radar. The laws are always changing, especially in regard to cannabis and its cannabinoid derivatives, so keep a watchful eye for any new developments in your state, or at the federal level.

    Till the law changes HHC-TCH is available for purchase in store and online. The federal legalization makes transport through mail possible as well.

    Can You Travel With HHC?

    All this is good news for travelers hoping to enjoy their HHC products while traveling. Of course, the laws will differ by destination, but as of now traveling with HHC is permitted, as it falls under the legal umbrella set by the Farm Act. Even still, you should always double check state laws regarding THC before travel.

    Another important thing to do is always keep any HHC products in their original, sealed packaging when traveling, so that they are easily identified and not mistaken for some other illegal substance. If you have a prescription, it would be useful to have that handy as well.

    If you follow these guidelines, you should be safe to transport your HHC-THC products when traveling. Delta 8 and Delta-9 are much trickier to transport, as legality varies by state for Delta-8, and Delta 9 THC is illegal on the federal level.


    HHC-THC products will likely skyrocket in popularity due to their widespread legal status in comparison to other delta-THC variants. The freedom to travel and enjoy HHC is a major benefit over standard THC.

    It’s still important to be well versed in the cannabis laws of the area you are traveling, but if you follow the guidelines outlined here you should have no problems traveling with your HHC.

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