Can Cannabis Cause Constipation?

It’s no secret that cannabis has an impact on our digestive systems for the good and for the bad. In one way it’s awesome because it restores our appetite, gets us fully satisfied, soothes nausea and diarrhea, helps manages Crohn’s, IBD, and IBS. In a whole other way that some people have experienced, it actually causes some stomach issues related to constipation, nausea, and vomiting.




Constipation is actually one of the rare side of effects of marijuana, so unfortunately there isn’t much research done on how weed can cause constipation. However, according to recent studies and some experienced patients, the added ingredients in edibles and oils could be the cause of it. Another factor that could cause constipation are the cannabinoids, especially tetrahydrocannabinol which is THC.



However, for other people, this is the complete opposite. In fact, some people have reported that they wake n bake so they can empty out their bowels in the morning. CBD has been known to cause diarrhea, so it could possibly be used as a laxative. Again, constipation caused by cannabis is a thing, but it’s so rare that nobody cared to do any extensive research on it.



To avoid any constipation or maybe too much diarrhea, just don’t consume too much cannabis and don’t smoke it or eat any heavy-oiled edibles like brownies. A lot of people recommend taking their THC dosage via a smoothie, the more liquid the better. There are THC infused lemonades, waters, coffees, and whatever else you want.



Moreover, there are specific strains you can smoke that correlate to helping treat constipation, like Haze Berry and Shining Silver Haze. Just taking a hit of marijuana can act as a laxative and relive any pain or discomfort in the digestive system.

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