How To Calculate THC Dosage In Edibles

THC edibles are awesome. But one must be careful regarding the dosage though, as too much THC in food items can lead to an ‘overdose’ that will keep you sitting on your couch all day. The correct way to enjoy THC in your food items is to ensure that you use it in a fixed proportion relative to other ingredients of your food item. Lets talk about the proper THC dosage for different food items so that one can enjoy their “highs” while ensuring you stay somewhat productive.

In order to know the THC levels to use it for cooking, we need to know what strain of marijuana we are going to use as the THC levels are heavily dependent on it. Generally, a majority of marijuana strains have around 10 percent of THC content in them. The “above average” varieties have around 15 to 20 percent of THC content, while the exceptionally strong strains have around 21 percent of THC or more. A general thumb rule is, if there is no documentation or laboratory test about the THC levels on the strain of marijuana you are using for the preparation of your food, you should consider the THC level in it to be around 10 percent.

Consider that a strain contains 10 percent of THC, so in 1 gram or 1000 milligram of the same strain of cannabis, there would be to know the THC levels around 0.1 gram or 100 milligram of THC. By using the percentage levels, we can easily figure out the amount of THC present. We can also easily calculate the THC dosage per serving. We need to take the amount of powdered marijuana and get its weight in milligrams, then divide it by the yield of the recipe to determine the dosage per serving. A starting value can be 5 milligrams per serving, while the state mandated serving limit is 10 milligrams per serving. Considering we use 5 grams of marijuana with 10% THC content to make 100 cookies, then the total THC in the recipe comes out to be 500 milligrams, which when divided by the number of cookies, in this case 100, gives us 5 milligrams per serving of the cookies.

Yup. That’s a lot of math, but it will help you calculate how much THC is in your food. This is very helpful for medical and recreational purposes.

General kitchen rules and common sense apply while making food items with THC content. You should also keep in mind that the effects of marijuana stay longer if its consumed along with protein rich and fatty food products, while its effects wane faster if its consumed with sugary candies. A general rule is to wait two hours after the consumption of marijuana infused edibles for the effect to kick in and to consume a food item rich in fats to increase its effect in case the effect is not noticeable. Always test out content first, and try to avoid eating too much, even if its delicious. Have fun!


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