Why You Should Buy a Vape Pen – According to Whoopi Goldberg


Whoopi Goldberg has been a medical marijuana advocate for a long time. She suffers from glaucoma, a disease of the eye that can cause painful swelling, nausea, and horrible headaches. She has stated in an interview that she used to take a handful of Advil a day, and that was the only way she could live with the pain. She stated that she knows Advil is bad for you, and she is right. Taking Advil daily for even small amounts of time can cause gastritis, a painful swelling of the stomach which is like a non-stop stomach bug for months. It can take years to fully heal and feel like yourself again, and you have to follow a strict diet when you have it. This is a common occurrence for Advil users. Some Advil users have said that taking Advil once a day, at the recommended dosage, for just one to two weeks can cause gastritis if you are a coffee drinker. Luckily, Whoopi Goldberg avoided this!

Whoopi Goldberg says that her vape pen, which she named ‘sippy’ changed her life. She says that she named her pen ‘sippy’ because she takes small, frequent sips to help relieve the pain that glaucoma can cause. She has said that edibles and other forms of ingesting cannabis are too strong for her, and she can easily control her dosage with a vape pen. She says that an edible will make her stay inside all day, while her vape can allow her to be pain free and not have any sloth side effects.

She said that when she started using medical marijuana for her glaucoma, she was having a hard time smoking a joint. She said that it was too hard on her lungs, and smoking it was really a struggle. When she told her daughter about this, her daughter went out and bought Whoopi Goldberg her first vaporizer. She stated that at first, she was reluctant to use it. But after several weeks of her daughter trying to convince her to use it, she got around to it and took a small ‘sip’. Now she says that she is hooked, and she frequently uses ‘sippy’. She has stated that she never leaves home without it and that she takes it everywhere she goes. Whoopi Goldberg also said that she is respectful in other cities where it may be illegal, and is always discreet.

So. if you are new to marijuana use, or you have been considering getting a vape pen, take Whoopi Goldberg’s advice and get one. There are many different styles of vaporizers. Some of them vape dry marijuana, some of them vape wax or cannabis oil, and there are even cartridges containing THC e-juice which you can actually put in a regular e-cigarette! There are so many different ways to vape marijuana. If you use it for medical or recreational use, give it a try. If Whoopi Goldberg can’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

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