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    Bringing the Heat: Mohave Cannabis Co. – Crafting Quality, Building Community

    We are Mohave Cannabis Co.! A gritty, hardworking, never give-up, ready to have a good time kind of people. Cultivating is our craft, and other than the size of our company and a nice list of awards, nothing has changed. We’ll always be the same humble down-to-earth people you’d like to smoke a joint with, and we’ll still be growing some of the best cannabis in Arizona and California, right here in our backyard along the Colorado River!

    We are known for BRINGING THE HEAT! For over a decade, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our craft of cultivating premium indoor cannabis. We use quality genetics, optimal grow environments, and precise nutrient regimens, combined with a little blood, sweat, and tears, to consistently produce award-winning flower.

    Our promise to you is quality and consistency you can trust. We use proprietary processes and standards put in place by our certified cultivators to grow a diverse range of genetics that offer something for every occasion. From the preserved terpene profiles of each cultivar to the consistent THC %, our goal is to provide a premium experience every time. Our premium indoor flower is sourced for the Mohave Reserve line, which is the grower’s choice that highlights new strains, preserves the tried and true, and cultivates heavy hitters for the cannaseur. When you see “Established Before it was Legal,” you’ll know it’s Mohave Reserve.












    In Arizona, we also have our Mohave Select line, which is still premium indoor flower and caters to the working class and everyday smoker. We created this product line to be affordable, considering the tough inflation, and to ensure that not everyone has to pay top-shelf prices daily. Mohave Select is the everyday choice for the everyday smoker, and our “Work Hard. Smoke Hard” slogan can be found in stores throughout Arizona. The Mohave Select line features the Mohave Reserve legacy strains that offer higher yields, and we pass those savings along to the customer. When classifying strains for our Mohave Cannabis indoor flower, our cultivation leaders assess five factors – density, trichome coverages, nug structure, appearance, and THC/cannabinoid percentage. There are no exceptions to the five-factor rule, and we guarantee you won’t be able to miss the big nugs in your jars!












    While we take pride in consistently delivering quality products you can trust, what sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to giving back to the community. At the core of Mohave Cannabis Co. (MCC) is a drive to inspire and empower all who join our family. We proudly give back to the communities we serve by providing jobs, organizing river cleanups, scholarships, and donations to local nonprofit organizations. From donating RSO oil to patients in need, or rebuilding community baseball diamonds, our passion for helping others can be seen woven through the fabric of the Mohave brand.


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