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    Brass Knuckles: A Legacy Reborn – Exciting Relaunch in New York Cannabis Market

    New York, NY – April 2024

    Brass Knuckles announces its return with a renewed commitment to empowerment and innovation in the cannabis industry starting April of 2024. With a legacy spanning almost a decade, Brass Knuckles has solidified its position as a pioneer and innovator, embodying strength, resilience, and progress.

    “At Brass Knuckles, we don’t just sell cannabis products; we empower a community. For nearly a decade, our brand has been synonymous with strength, resilience, and progress. We’ve faced challenges along the way, and through perseverance and determination, we’ve emerged stronger than ever,” – Founder, Mike Healy.

    The Brass Knuckles legacy isn’t just about the products offered; it’s about the people who choose Brass Knuckles to elevate their experiences. Brass Knuckles is more than just a brand; it’s a symbol of empowerment and innovation in the cannabis space.

    What Sets Brass Knuckles Apart:

    • Legacy Brand: With a legacy spanning nearly a decade, Brass Knuckles has established itself as a pioneer and innovator in the cannabis industry.
    • Uncompromising Quality: Brass Knuckles is committed to delivering only the highest-quality of Distillate, Live Liquid Diamonds, and Solvent-less Live Rosin products; ensuring that every gram is pure, and every experience is exceptional.
    • Innovative Offerings: From its iconic genetics and cutting edge vape hardware, Brass Knuckles continues to push the boundaries of innovation, setting new standards for excellence in cannabis consumption.


    Join the Movement:

    Brass Knuckles invites you to join us in celebrating our legacy and our future. Keep an eye out for exciting events, promotions, and collaborations as we mark each historic milestone in our journey. No gimmicks, no BS—just pure empowerment. It’s time to knuckle up and experience the difference. Welcome to Brass Knuckles. We hit harder, we go bigger, and we’re here to stay.

    For more information, follow us at or on Instagram @therealbrassknucklesog


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