Stoked Superfoods Is a company providing 100% natural, organically grown, industrial hemp oil that is sourced, processed, and packaged. It is manufactured for use in an extensive array of products to the emerging and rapidly expanding hemp natural products and supplements markets.

Quickly growing and led by owner Jarnell Stokes, Stoked Superfoods has emerged for crafting euphoric, raw and reliable products in every state across America. That’s because to us, premium hemp is more than a natural organic, supplemental treat. It’s also a way to educate, a sense of spiritual connectivity, quintessential awareness and mindfulness. It’s one of life’s ultimate andmulti-purposeful gifts to the world.

Jarnell Stokes is a world-class athlete, wellness advocate, and current NBA player. Jarnell was ranked #3 in the nation during his basketball career, drafted 35th overall, 2x Gold medalist, and has played professionally since 2014. Dedicating his life off the court to educating and inspiring ALL to question all assumptions and turn the tables on mental health & wellness, Jarnell sees his community as extending members of his team.