Moose Labs

Dan & Jay Rush, Moose Labs designs, develops, and manufactures some of the hottest products in the smoke shop industry. Their dog, Moose, head of relaxation and security, insisted the company be named after him. BY SMOKERS, FOR SMOKERS – WE THRIVE ON CREATING UNIQUE AND USEFUL PRODUCTS. Our products are sold and used around the world, bringing safe and fun smoking to hundreds of thousands of people! When we have an idea, we go for it. The creation phase begins with a hearty bowl, graph paper, and a protractor from 3rd grade (seriously). From graph paper to CAD software, to the 3D printer- we design our products and produce our prototypes in-house, ensuring no detail is overlooked. We test our products and use them extensively, trust us. Once we’re happy, off to production it goes, soon to be on a store shelf near you.

eSocial consumption of cannabis can lead to excessive and unnecessary bacterial contamination and transfer. Sanitary devices, such as the MouthPeace, are proven to dramatically decrease the spread and amount of bacteria on a pipe by more than 5924%. Cannabis consumers should take precautions, especially in environments where social sharing among large groups is encouraged.

While it is true that bacteria is all around us, most people tend to take preventative measures to avoid intentional contamination. Cannabis users seem to completely disregard common sense health and safety practices when it comes to consuming cannabis both in public and privately at home. Any government or licensing board that is considering the viability of social consumption lounges or events should consider this study when implementing health and safety protocols and best practices. So that means nothing better than using your Moose Labs filter!