While living in Boston, Jonathan and Leandro had always had a goal of being a part of something huge. The Recreational marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts in December 2016, creating opportunity for many individuals. Then a year later the FLKR LYTR was born. Jon and Leandro attended numerous Canna events in the New England area and built a small community with other Cannapreneurs who now have the opportunity to be a part of Prohibition 2.0.

The FLKR LYTR has a vision of becoming a symbol of connectivity and dialogue; qualities which are most needed in these times. FLKR LYTR aims to provide users with a platform, a common ground to connect through, all the while inspiring them to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors.

“FLKR is more than just a plastic lighter sleeve, it’s a point of connectivity which helps other progressive users identify each other within the canna community” – Jonathan

People have been using their lighters to soothe their nervous ticks for decades, FLKR LYTR is a lighter sleeve that has multiple designs that fit BIC, Clipper, and Zippo lighters that acts as a fidget device, giving it the ability to spin. That’s right! Spin. This patent pending lighter sleeve is the first of its kind and is a perfect marriage between the timeless lighter and the buzzing fidget spinner.

FLKR LYTR launched a Kickstarter campaign to help break the Canna stigma and unite supporters of the movement. Supporters can be awarded a FLKR LYTR prototype as a backing reward; a soon to be collectors item. The FLKR team see’s opportunity in the product becoming an ancillary promotional item while having businesses use the FLKR LYTR as a promotional branding tool.