Cultivating it’s prosperity long before we heard, “Hello, my name is Dr. Greenthumb”, by MC B-Real from Cypress Hill and BREAL.TV. The High Times Stoner of the Year (2014) and accompanying brands have been chronic cannabis enthusiasts for over twenty-five years.


Evolving from what once was forbidden, Dr. Greenthumb’s Dispensaries have begun their cannabis enterprise in Sylmar California with a mission to provide something completely different from the newly traditional dispo visit. This experience provides access to the brand’s apparel, innovative smoking devices, and many prodigious strains such as High Times Award Winner, Insane OG by Green Thumb Farms.


Making a ton of smoke in the thriving marijuana industry, you now have access to Dr. Greenthumb’s Apparel brands which portray a hardcore passion for music, high-quality herb, and an unbelievable customer sensibility.


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Dr. Greenthumb

Grand Opening Of Dr Greenthumbs

Cypress Hill frontman B-Real celebrates the grand opening of his dispensary 'Dr. Greenthumbs' in Sylmar, California.


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