At first glance, the words ‘Church’ and ‘Cannabis’ couldn’t be more different. They certainly don’t belong next to each other; or do they? Church has always represented holiness, sacredness and godliness, while cannabis, up until recently, has been called the Devil’s Lettuce, among many other bad names. So what’s going on? Put simply, a Church is simply a place of worship — a hub for a like-minded community to come together and nourish their souls with whatever makes them whole. Passions like surfing, skating, music, or cars are increasingly including cannabis as a key ingredient. People are using cannabis as a tool to dive so deeply into their passions that they’re reaching previously unattainable levels of expertise and fanaticism. Church Cannabis not only provides the tool, but the community as well.


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Church had an EPIC day in Las Vegas. Teaming up with Rick Ross, Church brought a pool party to Daylight in Vegas. Summer is about having a good time and doing what you love. Take a look at the Church squad and the party of the summer.



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