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    Bluebird Botanicals has the best-tasting CBD Gummies… Period.

    Bluebird Botanicals has been one of the pioneers of CBD since breaking into the hemp business all the way back in 2013. They quickly earned a reputation as a company that prioritizes purity and high-quality, offering a full lineup of third-party tested hemp formulations.

    Now, Bluebird is excited to help hemp lovers experience the sweeter side of CBD… By offering a CBD gummy that actually tastes good! 

    According to the company, customers were seeing great results with more traditional CBD products like their Classic CBD Oil, but some didn’t care for the hempy flavor of oils and many wanted a product that was more convenient for on-the-go relief. Enter Bluebird’s CBD Gummies.

    While gummies aren’t new to the hemp industry, the taste and quality of most gummy products leave a lot to be desired. So Bluebird worked with a real confectioner to create a tasty treat that features all plant-based ingredients in three sweet flavors, with 15g of full-spectrum hemp and only 2g of sugar per gummy.

    And the results speak for themselves…Check out these reviews from verified buyers of Bluebird’s Gummies:

    “Love the taste and potency of the gummies! Perfect way to wind down the day.” Joi W.

    “I love that the classic CBD is offered in gummy form and the flavors are delicious. They are great for travel without making a mess. I also keep a stash at work for convenience.” Colleen M.

    “Effective, pretty & delicious! It has helped me relax. Another benefit? It helped me sleep better.” John S.


    To learn more about Bluebird Botanicals, visit or check them out on Instagram: @bluebirdbotanicals


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