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    Black Friday Gift Guide 2023 – THC/Hemp Drinks

    Unlock a world of elevated experiences this Black Friday with our exclusive THC/Hemp Drinks Gift Guide. Elevate your gifting game and delight your loved ones with a curated selection of premium cannabis-infused beverages, perfect for those seeking a unique and sophisticated way to savor the season. From tantalizing THC-infused elixirs to soothing hemp beverages, our guide is designed to elevate every moment. Explore the art of gifting with our carefully chosen selection, blending innovation and relaxation for a memorable holiday season like no other.

    Legally Highest

    The Brand: Legally Highest introduces the world to a groundbreaking innovation in the cannabis industry with their first-of-its-kind THC seltzer. Crafted to provide a refreshing and legal way to experience the benefits of THC, their seltzer delivers a new era of elevated refreshment, setting a new standard for cannabis-infused beverages.

    The Product: Legally Highest offers an enticing range of THC-infused seltzers, featuring delightful flavors like Raspberry Açaí, Lime, and Mango, available in two convenient sizes: 12oz with 30mg THC and 16oz with 60mg THC. These low-calorie, vegan, and gluten-free-friendly beverages are designed for those seeking a discreet and enjoyable way to embrace the benefits of THC without the cannabis taste, providing a high dosage for a premium experience.

    Gift here: Legally Highest

    Cycling Frog

    The Brand: Cycling Frog is built on the belief that cannabis consumption should be normalized, accessible, affordable, and fun. Cannabis should be enjoyed with the same ease as your favorite sparkling water or beer, and we at Cycling Frog are making that happen. Join us in paving the way to freely enjoy cannabis as has never been done in our lifetime. Life’s short. Enjoy the Ride.

    The Product: Your key to an uplifting buzz without the booze — Cycling Frog’s wildly sessionable THC seltzers are designed to let you relax and unwind. Carefully crafted with delicious all-natural fruit juices and real Pacific Northwest THC, these hangover-free beverages deliver the perfect alcohol alternative. Enjoy a sitewide discount of 25%, no code required, from November 11th to November 28th.

    Gift here: Cycling Frog

    Rebel Rabbit

    The Brand: Let’s be real, we all need to kick back and relax every now and then. How you choose to do that is totally up to you. We’re shaking up the scene, adding more variety to “drinking” with a fun, safe and totally legal alternative to booze. Whatever you’re seeking – sobriety, ditching the hangover or just more choice – we offer a rebellious approach to drinking because at Rebel Rabbit, you do you.

    The Product:

    MILD HARE — Made with only 5MG of D9, this all natural, easy going recipe is made for those looking for a “take it easy” buzz. Great for daytime vibes or chill get-togethers, our MILD HARE gives you a mellow “kinda high” buzz.

    WILD HARE — The full strength WILD HARE is all natural and infused with 10MG of D9 THC. Made for the cannabis renegades, this low calorie sipper lets you turn up the relaxation. Great for those looking for a little more buzz.

    Gift here: Rebel Rabbit


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