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    Black Friday Gift Guide 2023 – Pet CBD

    Elevate your pet’s well-being this Black Friday with our Pet CBD Gift Guide, a curated collection designed to bring comfort, joy, and health to your furry companions. Whether you’re seeking relaxation aids, treats with a purpose, or wellness essentials, our selection of premium CBD products for pets promises a thoughtful and nourishing gift to enhance their quality of life. Treat your four-legged friends to the gift of tranquility and holistic care as we celebrate Black Friday with a special focus on their well-deserved wellness.

    Pet Releaf

    The Brand: Pet Releaf is the original and #1-selling pet CBD brand — supporting pets, their parents, and the planet with sustainable, science-backed hemp-based solutions. Sourced from our regenerative farm in Colorado and awarded the NASC Quality Seal, our products have been developed by veterinarians to help promote calming, reduce discomfort, and support pets’ long-term health.

    The Product: Pet Releaf’s Stress Releaf CBD Hemp Oils are designed to help dogs and cats manage stress and promote calming. The oils are available in two sizes – 300 mg for Cats/Small dogs and 600 mg for Medium/Large dogs. Formulated by veterinarians, the USDA Organic product contains Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and Organic Ashwagandha. Whether you’re leaving for work, hosting a holiday gathering, or there’s an incoming storm, Stress Releaf oils can help pets manage scary situations.

    Gift here: Pet Releaf

    Doggie Beer Bones

    The Brand: Founded in 2010 by the devoted dog lover David Crane, Doggie Beer Bones is more than just a treat provider – it’s a commitment to canine wellness. The journey began with a love for dogs and brewing, sparking the idea to repurpose spent brewing grains into extraordinary treats. The initial homemade treats, tested by neighbors and friends, received an astonishing response, leading to the birth of Doggie Beer Bones.

    The Product: Recognizing dogs’ diverse needs, Doogie Beer Bones  introduced CBD-infused treats and peanut butter, addressing anxiety and joint issues. For grain-sensitive or post-dental care dogs, the soft-baked, grain-free options like bacon and pumpkin treats provide a gentler yet delicious snack.

    Gift here: Doggie Beer Bones

    Penelope’s Bloom

    The Brand: Penelope’s Bloom was inspired by a personal journey. After Penelope, the founder’s French Bulldog, was diagnosed with IVDD, the search for natural alternatives began. Disappointed by the lack of premium-quality CBD for pets, Penelope’s Bloom was born to fill that gap. We are committed to offering the purest pet CBD in the market, making it affordable and accessible to all pet parents.

    The Product: At Penelope’s Bloom, we take pride in crafting the purest CBD for pets in the market. Our commitment to quality is evident as we utilize human-grade ingredients and CO2-extracted hemp oil. Rigorous third-party lab tests ensure transparency and pet safety, covering potency and certifying our products are free from metals, pesticides, and harmful chemicals. With accessibility and affordability in mind, Penelope’s Bloom is dedicated to making a positive difference in every pet’s life.

    Gift here: Penelope’s Bloom


    The Brand: Nestled on a century-old, 160-acre USDA Organic Certified farm in Boulder County, Miraflora epitomizes Colorado pride and sustainability. Fueled by pure Rocky Mountain snowmelt and nourished by an alpaca herd, the farm is the heart of Miraflora’s dedication to premium CBD products, including tinctures, soft gels, moisturizers, sparkling beverages, and pet treats. Harvesting hemp flowers each fall, they craft full-spectrum CBD oil, symbolizing a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Formulated by top hemp scientists for consistency and traceability, Miraflora invites you to flourish with their thoughtfully crafted CBD offerings, delivering nature’s powerful harmonizer from strain to shelf.

    The Product: Recognizing every pet’s deserving nature, we at Miraflora have developed a line of pet products using the same organic full-spectrum CBD found in our human offerings. Studies support the notion that this CBD can contribute to the overall well-being of our furry friends, addressing both brain and body health, with the added benefit of potentially alleviating anxiety, especially during events like the Fourth of July. Because your pet deserves the best, especially for being there during our toughest times.

    Gift here: Miraflora


    The Brand: Relievet’s story begins with Biscuit, a lively companion whose active life was interrupted by pain. Fueled by a passion to find a natural solution, the founder delved into CBD research, ultimately creating their own scientifically-backed CBD oil. Crafted with USDA Organic Coconut MCT oil for both effectiveness and taste, Biscuit’s positive response inspired the birth of Relievet. Despite Biscuit’s passing, the company thrives on testimonials and a dedicated team, producing in-house to keep prices affordable. With a focus on minimal CBD dosage for maximum efficacy, Relievet offers a unique money-back guarantee, showcasing their commitment to happy, healthy pets.

    The Product: Since 2018, Relievet has been dedicated to creating the finest CBD products for pets, ensuring quality from plant to treat. Their science-backed CBD doses are crafted to improve mobility, relieve stress, and reduce discomfort in dogs, cats, birds, and large animals. Because pet well-being is no joke, and neither are their CBD solutions.

    Gift here: Relievet


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