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    Best Weed For Your Easter Basket

    Want an easy way to up the ante for your Easter basket this year? Swap the sugary treats and chocolate for the sweet deliciousness of cannabis! Here we share some excellent strains to get you puffing like a true rabbit.

    Jesus OG

    And God said, “Let there be Jesus OG!” Actually, he just created Hell’s OG and Jack The Ripper strains and allowed them to be cross-bred to create a holy Indica. Jesus OG – like its name suggests – will have your body feeling revitalized and relaxed, but without the mind fog. You’ll keep your wits about you as you fall into a religiously zen state that washes over you like the water from a baptism. So if you’re looking to connect to the deeper meaning of the Easter holiday, add a few nugs of Jesus OG to your basket and enjoy the holy journey that’s sure to ensue.


    If you can’t envision Easter without the sweets, try combining the best of both worlds with Chocolope. This sweet flavored Sativa will be a nice addition to any Easter Sunday, particularly one that’s following a week of high stress or lowly depressive states. Chocolope provides a tasty way to uplift your mood – and like a true chocolate – will provide you with a short term energy boost. All the chocolate benefits without the calories.

    God’s Gift

    For our more fruit-flavored loving friends, God’s Gift is the gift of a citrusy Indica that induces a dreamlike state in those who consume it. A cross between OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, God’s Gift will have you feeling happy and relaxed, the ideal state you’ll want to exist in while enjoying the day with family and friends. If you’re giving the gift of weed this Easter, give God’s Gift, and your recipient’s Easter basket is sure to be bestowed with miracles – especially after they consume this strain.

    Heaven Scent

    Birthed from the seeds of Green Crack and the aforementioned God’s Gift, Heaven Scent is an energizing addition to any Easter basket and will have you blissing just like God intended. The balanced hybrid is indeed heavenly, and will leave you and those who partake in your earthy Easter cannagoodness feeling an increase in your overall sense of wellbeing. What better way to celebrate Easter than with a little slice of heaven?


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