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    Best Weed For Back Pain

    Let’s face it, back pain can be a debilitating nuisance. But with advancements in the cannabis industry, it doesn’t have to be. Here we highlight some of the best strains to help you alleviate your back pain – strains that will have you feeling fresh, rejuvenated and back on your feet.

    Bubba Kush

    This popular Indica has been demolishing body pain in users for the past few decades and is well suited to address the intricacies of each consumer’s specific type of pain. A hybrid of OG Kush and (allegedly) Northern Lights, Bubba Kush delivers a powerful punch of relaxing vibes, soothing your muscles and your mind into a sublimely tranquil state. Because of its high THC level, Bubba Kush is also an excellent strain for combating anxiety and depression, but its bread and butter effect remains tackling chronic pain and it can absolutely be a source of cannabis that can helps you alleviate all different types of back problems stemming from all different kinds of ailments.


    A Sativa-dominant hybrid, ACDC also boasts a high CBD content, which makes it one of the top choices amongst medical marijuana patients for helping treat all sorts of pain and anxiety symptoms. The strain is so effective at pain mitigation that it’s even used to help those who suffer from epilepsy as well as those who wish to diminish the negative effects of chemotherapy in their bodies. The high CBD content also means that ACDC’s psychoactive effects are almost nonexistent, making it a fantastic strain choice for helping to alleviate symptoms of arthritis and other forms of chronic pain – particularly back pain – amongst users. With ACDC, you feel happy, relaxed, and pain free.

    OG Kush

    The famed Indica-dominant hybrid is more than just a classic name in the cannabis space, it’s a powerhouse of back pain relief as well. Boasting generously high levels of THC, OG Kush delivers a euphoric high that helps relieve both pain and stress, particularly after a grueling day. Most consumers find that because of OG Kush’s strong psychoactive effects, it might be best used during the wind down hours in the evening rather than as a mid afternoon snack, since the strain acts more as a sedative in how it obliterates pain. For a back pain relief option that is taken before you hit the sheets, stick with OG Kush and you’ll be melting into the relaxed dreamland of your mattress.


    Like ACDC, Harlequin is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, and also like ACDC, Harlequin contains a high CBD concentration. This means when it comes to pain relief, Harlequin provides a robust and energizing feeling, clearing your body and mind of mental and physical cobwebs, all without the more euphoric sedating effects. Like other strains containing a high CBD content, Harlequin is also a fantastic option for treating symptoms of anxiety and depression, so if your back pain is accompanied by any lower energies or feelings of unease, enlist Harlequin as the remedy for both your physical back pain and the blips to your mental health.

    Northern Lights

    Known for being one of the purest Indica strains on the cannabis market today, Northern Lights can be used as treatment for not only back pain relief, but pain relief anywhere in the body. Like its (alleged) mate OG Kush, Northern Lights can induce couch lock in consumers, so it’s advised to use this strain in the evening when you’re home and preparing for a pain relieving slumber. Northern Lights is also a fantastic option for those suffering any kind of injury, chronic pain or muscle tightness, and its sedating effects are also great for stress and anxiety management.


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