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    Best Strains To Ease Body Pain

    Your back hurts. Your shoulder hurts. Your head hurts. Your neck hurts. Body pain is real and no one is exempt. Whether you’re a professional athlete or you work 9 to 5 in a cubicle, your body can become injured without warning. But fear not! Here are some of the best strains to alleviate body pain and get you feeling closer to one-hundred percent.

    White Widow

    This famous hybrid mix between South Indian Indica and the Sativa-dominant hybrid Brazlian Landrace, White Widow packs a knockout punch when it comes to pain. The perfect strain if your plan is to get high, relax and sleep off your discomfort, White Widow is also a solid choice if your mind and body need to remain active due to its euphoric ability to uplift and energize, rendering pain a thing of the past.

    Cataract Kush

    The powerful creation of DNA Genetics, Cataract Kush is for experienced smokers only. Cataract Kush embodies the intense combination of LA Confidential and OG Kush and can make even those most frequent of smokers feel like they have — yes, cataracts. The high from Cataract Kush is one grows that stronger as you smoke – making it great for fighting pain – but best used for evenings when you’re home and winding down.


    One of the most popular strains for easing body pain, ACDC is actually a CBD-dominant hybrid that is used extensively throughout the medical marijuana community. The high from ACDC isn’t all that intense, with many users never experiencing any high at all. So if you’re looking for pain relief without the other cannabis accoutrements, ACDC is a fantastic option for you to dabble with.


    Blueberry is a storied, award-winning Indica that has been helping users ease their pain since the 1970s. A cross between Thai and Purple Thai, Blueberry does in fact taste like blueberries, and its long lasting, calming effects make it one of the best cannabis strains for fighting pain throughout the day. If you’re looking for a strain that will help alleviate your symptoms for many hours at a time, Blueberry should be one of your top choices.


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