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    Best Strains For Sleeping

    You’re laying in bed, tossing and turning. You can’t sleep but you need to sleep. You have work in the morning! If you don’t catch at least a few Zzz’s, you’re going to get crushed. To combat those insane insomnia-ridden evenings, here are a few strains that will help you slip into slumber for a good night’s rest.

    9 Pound Hammer

    For all the troubled sleepers out there, relief is at its best when you only need to take something once. And that’s what 9 Pound Hammer does, it knocks you out. Like its name would suggest, 9 Pound Hammer is an Indica that’s very effective at leaving you feeling heavy and relaxed for long periods of time, which is why its ideal for when you’re ready to turn off the light and slide beneath the blankets. 9 Pound Hammer also helps with pain relief, so if part of your inability to get quality shut-eye is due to stiff joints and muscles, this strain will have you sleeping soundly on multiple levels.

    God’s Gift

    For the more seasoned smoker, God’s Gift will feel just like a gift when your head is resting soundly on the pillow. Sometimes referred to as “the child of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush,” this high-THC hybrid is best used by those who have experience consuming cannabis frequently, or else there’s a chance this strain will increase one’s pre-existing anxieties. But should be someone who’s had a long-standing relationship with cannabis, you’re in for a treat. God’s Gift will help you alleviate stress so that your mind can turn off, your body can relax, and you can finally have the uninterrupted sleep you’ve been longing for. 

    Tahoe OG

    If time is of the essence and you’re looking for a fast-acting sleepy savior, this Indica-dominant hybrid might be right for you. Created in Lake Tahoe and known for its sedative effects, Tahoe OG is incredibly useful at sending its consumers to dreamland. The high from Tahoe OG is said to be calming, one that makes your head feel heavy and loosen up, which usually permeates throughout the body and is said to generate a body high. Like 9 Pound Hammer, Tahoe OG is known to last for hours, so odds are likely you won’t be waking throughout the night when taking puffs of this sleep inducing delight.

    Northern Lights

    Perhaps the Godfather of all marijuana sleep-aid strains, Northern Lights has been helping its consumers slip off into sleep since the 1980s. Boasting a considerably high THC content, the pungent Indica relaxes the mind and muscles, doing what a quality Indica does best and helping you melt into the couch – or in this case, a bed. Northern Lights also possesses mild psychoactive effects, which help both relieve pain and induce a euphoric calming sensation that is the perfect antidote to all the restlessness and anxiety associated with one’s inability to sleep soundly.



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