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    Best Movies To Watch High

    You’ve done it. You’ve purchased snacks, you’ve gotten high, and now you’re deciding what to watch. But before you waste your stoney situation on a subpar flick, let us suggest to you a few audio/visual adventures you can embark upon from the comfort of your couch.


    If you like classical music, colors and G-rated animated cartoon characters, then “Fantasia” is for you. Conceived in 1940, this Walt Disney film is a classic that perhaps needs weed in order to be fully appreciated. Not that viewing “Fantasia” sober diminishes any of its fun, but being high and watching this movie is an experience you’ll be able to recommend to your kids.

    Up In Smoke

    The debut film from Cheech and Chong is your stereotypical stoner movie, and one that has been on many “get high and watch this” lists throughout the decades. Why? Because it’s a stereotypical stoner movie that you should get high and watch. It’s Cheech and Chong getting high and going on an adventure, and you being stoned on your couch makes that adventure much more fun as you experience it with them.


    One of the most visually pleasing films in terms of colors and feeling like you’re immersed in an unknown world, “Avatar” will blow your mind, regardless if you’re watching “standard” or in 3-D. The best part about being stoned and watching this film – aside from how what you see and hear transports you to another dimension – is the fact that you being high allows you to more clearly pick up on James Cameron’s subliminal messaging on the perils of war and destroying the environment.


    An awesome mind-fuck, one in which you feel safe and cuddled after. “Momento” is probably one of those movies you’ll want to watch for a second time, so being high for this Chris Nolan thriller will afford you the time and patience to do so.

    The Big Lebowski

    It’s surprising how many people still have yet to experience this supremely awesome cinematic adventure. And while it’s a fantastic film sober, being stoned and watching The Coen Brothers at their best will have you laughing and also experiencing darker genres like crime and suspense, so you’ll celebrate the laughs but also contemplate the deeper dramatic moments.



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