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    Best Blunt Wraps

    Cutting open a cigar and filling it with some sticky cannabis is an all-time favorite technique for getting high. Cigars have been around since the 1500’s, by the 1600’s they were smoking fat filled cigars. The first person that was seen rolling a blunt was Bushwick Bill witnessed by Snoop Dogg. Since then more and more people have preferred smoking blunts over bowls or joints.

    A blunt is basically a cannabis filled cigar; the wrap originally is made with tobacco, but over the years has expanded to tobacco-free, made with hemp or CBD instead, and has a huge variety of flavors. There are over 100’s of different brands of cigars, but we’ve selected a few favorites for rolling blunts.

    First, which happened to be the number one selling in the states, Swisher Sweets. These guys are found almost everywhere which is really convenient and they’re sold 2 for a dollar. They’re very similar to Zig Zag in convenience, value, and variety of flavors (except Zig Zag paper comes empty, which makes it wicked easy to roll). The paper isn’t pure tobacco leaf, but it still burns smoothly and a lot of smokers prefer these papers because you can taste more bud than paper/flavor.

    Second is High Hemp. They were the first brand to come out with a 100% hemp based blunt wrap that is also vegan and non-GMO. These are a bit on the pricey side compared to the others. These are perfect for anyone who doesn’t enjoy smoking tobacco or the mix of it with cannabis. Since these came out, they’ve definitely helped stoners who are against tobacco.

    Third would be Backwoods. These are mentioned everywhere and grew a lot of fame over the years, but they are the original cigars and are made with pure tobacco. A lot of people prefer Backwoods because you’d unroll the cigar instead of slicing it down the middle, which makes it easier and quicker. Other’s don’t like the fact that the paper is pure tobacco because it gets too smoky and heavy.

    Phillies come in fourth. These blunt wraps are known for burning slow, so they’re perfect for gatherings with your stoner buddies or to enjoy a long smoking session by yourself. The downside to these blunts is that they’re bought as singles rather than 2’s like the others. These do come in different flavors, and the high ranking are strawberry and peach.

    Last but not least, King Palms. These guys are somewhat new, but are amazing and loved by many. They’re biodegradable, tobacco-free, nothing added, rolled with natural palm leaves, and burn really slow and smooth. The filters are great for keeping any loose flower from flying into your mouth. These are also super simple to roll because they come pre-rolled like a tube-like cone, so you just have to fill it up with some flower and light it up!

    Those are just a few of the favorites that have been selected, of course some people might prefer other blunt wraps like White Owl, Dutch Master, Optimo, and whatnot; so what’s your go-to blunt wrap to roll with?

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