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    Become a Budtender

    Becoming a budtender can either be really simple or really difficult depending on where it is you live. Each state has different laws regarding cannabis employment, so always look into that before starting. There are even training courses for becoming a budtender; not many people have taken a course, but still became budtenders.

    Since a training course isn’t exactly required for most dispensaries, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to become a budtender. The amount of pay budtenders make isn’t very accurate, but it ranks between 17$-23$/hr depending on the location and position of employment of course. A lot of people like to compare being a budtender to working in retail and though they’re completely different, they definitely have their similarities.

    First and honestly most importantly, know your stuff. Know what your strains are, CBD vs THC, it’s benefits, and so on; basically what you’re selling to your customers. If they ask you something, then you should know the answer. Unfortunately, most budtenders that are hired don’t know how to answer most of the questions they get asked, but the ones that do are way more appreciated. Cannabis isn’t cheap and clients like to stock up, so the best place to ask someone about cannabis products should definitely be at their dispensary.

    You don’t have to know every single thing about marijuana, but just know a few basics. Of course know the difference between a hybrid, sativa, and an indica, but also know specific strains your dispo sells that are either really popular, heavy in THC dosage, or help with sleeping better. You’re not just selling weed, but you’re also helping clients get their best medication. You are part doctor and you should own it with weed knowledge. Knowing more about strains and about weed, in general, is already an amazing one-up and one step closer to becoming an awesome budtender.

    Some dispensaries require a resume because after all it is a job. If you have any experience in customer service, retail, medical experience, media company, or bartending, then that’s a great advantage because it would definitely help you stand out more and be better appreciated. If not, then no worries because you can just update yourself with all the new cannabis related products and information about the community and way more to give as background if given an interview for the job.

    Being up to date with the latest cannabis articles would be great, and even better would be attending the events. A lot of cannabis events happen all over the states and most of them are posted online, you just need to do some digging. Moreover, attending any of these events would be beneficial for social purposes and widening your knowledge on marijuana and it’s industry.

    The last thing to know is about consumption tolerance. Of course, as a sales person you want to sell as much product as possible, but some clients really don’t know how much they would need when they go into a dispensary. Knowing how many grams is in an ounce and being able to explain the measurements and sizes to your clients is a great plus and your client would appreciate the help.

    To become a budtender just know what you’re talking about, be up to date, be social, and be very friendly to your customers. It can be a great job to have, just always be aware of the area you’re located in, how you’re being treated (in any job), and of course, be aware of the laws and regulations in your state.


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