How to avoid getting scammed by online CBD sellers


With the growing popularity of CBD, the sale of this supplement is becoming very popular. However, there are some online sellers who are capitalizing on this trend and they are taking advantage of people. They are doing this by offering fake, synthetic, or low quality products.

I know right? What kind of monster would take advantage of sick people? Luckily for us, there are some ways to sell who is legit, and who is a scammer. In my experience, only about 25% of CBD companies I have came across fit the criteria below. So it seems like there are more scammers than good guys, but that’s ok, because at least there are some good guys left!

Here are some ways to avoid online scams and stay healthy!


  1. Hemp extract is not CBD

A lot of companies are just selling hemp extract, and confusing people to make it seem like it is the same thing as CBD. It’s not.

Hemp extract does contain CBD, but if a product says it has 20mg of hemp extract, that is not 20mg of CBD. Depending on how potent the hemp extract is, it could only contain a few grams. But some companies word their websites to make it seem like 20mg of hemp extract is equal to 20mg CBD.

Just to test this for yourself, look at a bottle of CBD from a reputable company. I am looking at one right now the ingredients say “110MG hemp extract” and “20MG CBD” per dose. They are not the same thing. Even though hemp extract DOES contain CBD, it is not the dosage you think it is.


  1. Check the ingredients

If a CBD edible company or a CBD oil company will not give out the ingredients, be careful. There have been complaints of synthetic cannabinoid scams in some popular edible brands. Make sure they tell you everything that is in it. If a company is proud of their ingredients, they will tell you what exactly is in the bottle.


  1. Check for lab tests

All reputable CBD companies that sell CBD for medical purposes alwayspost the lab testings on their website. They will show results of 3rd party tests or tests that they perform themselves. Some companies even put them on the packaging, or put a batch number so you can see the testing results from your batch


  1. Avoid buying CBD on Amazon and Ebay

Most of the CBD supplements on Amazon and Ebay are not genuine CBD. Most of the time, they are just hemp extract, because Amazon and Ebay do not allow pure CBD products on their sites. Some sellers can break this rule, but it is safe to say that most of those products are not genuine.

Keep these four things in mind when buying CBD online. There is so much information on CBD out there that the process can be overwhelming. Whenever you are confused, just ask. It is better to ask questions than to buy a crummy CBD brand and waste money and time.


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