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    Are Unbreakable Glass Bongs Real?

    For many cannabis enthusiasts, glass water pipes are the preferred way to get high. They are easy to use, fun to pass around, and produce smooth, filtered smoke. But where there is glass and water, there are slippery accidents.

    Most stoners know the heartbreak of breaking at least one dugout, spoon pipe, bubbler, or bong. Others have a whole graveyard of broken glass pieces. Sometimes bongs break while washing them; other times, clumsy friends drop them. Even tapping glass bowls on ashtrays to remove leftover ash can lead to accidental breakage. 

    If you’ve experienced the messy horror of breaking a glass bong, you probably take extra precautions when you smoke. You reserve your favorite glass pieces for special occasions, afraid frequent use might damage them. Or maybe you’ve resigned yourself to buying cheap, poor-quality glass because you know it will inevitably break in a few short months.

    Now that cannabis is legal in many states, it’s easy to walk into any corner store, bodega, or gas station and buy a glass bong off the shelf. If it’s anything like the typical story, you’ll bring it home, load it up with freshly-ground herb (hopefully top-shelf!), and get to rip it for a month or two. But eventually, you’ll have to give that bong a nice wash to clean off any residue. You’ll get it all sudsy, scrub it up, and get it sparkly-clean. And right when you’re drying that clean glass, in anticipation of taking a huge hit after all of that cleaning – it will shatter into a million pieces.

    If replacing your glass piece is costing you time, money and peace of mind, then you have to check out the incredibly durable collection from the expert team at Tank Glass. While they are not unbreakable, we build our glass bongs and smoking accessories to last a lifetime. And with our Tank Lifetime Warranty – they will! It’s time to invest in the last piece you’ll ever need.

    The World’s Strongest Smoking Accessories

    Curate an unforgettable smoking experience with the gold standard of smoking accessories. Our expert team has designed a collection of glass bongs, downstems, and bowls to elevate your smoking sesh to the next level.

    Once you try Tank Glass, you’ll never get anything else. (Because you literally won’t have to. If any of your Tank products ever gets damaged in any way, we have you covered with an industry-first Tank Lifetime Warranty!)

    Durable Bongs

    Unlike anything you’ve ever held, our bongs are the last piece you’ll ever need. The first time you handle one of our super-thick, class-A, non-float certified glass water pipes, you’ll be amazed at its sturdiness.

    Never worry about breaking your glass bong again. Tank Glass carries a superior range of incredibly durable, 9mm beaker bongs in various styles and sizes. We have the Original Tank Beaker, a classic twelve-inch bong that packs an incredible punch. Then there’s the Tank MAX, an eighteen-inch powerhouse for those who like to take massive hits. And if you want to take Tank Glass on the go, we have the Tank Mini, an eight-inch bong perfect for traveling.

    You’ll also love our super strong Straight Tube if you prefer straight bongs. Like our other bongs, the Tank Straight Tube is made of American-blown, nine-millimeter reinforced glass. At twelve inches tall, our straight tube beaker bong is crafted for durability and function.

    No matter what size you get, you win because all of our Tanks come with a free glass downstem and bowl included as well as the Tank Lifetime Warranty standard with every purchase.

    Indestructible Downstems

    Your smoking experience isn’t complete without a downstem. Your bong is useless without a downstem, which helps to provide a cool, smooth hit every time. Luckily, Tank Glass has every downstem you could ever need. We have plenty of glass options available with original, max, mini, and straight styles. But if you’re looking for a downstem that’s truly indestructible and fits almost any bong on the market (not just Tanks) we also have our new adjustable metal downstems crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and designed by our skilled Tank product development team. Like our bongs, our glass and metal downstems are all backed by a Lifetime Warranty. And, of course, all of our downstems fit perfectly into Tank Glass products.

    Shatterproof Bowls

    The cherry on top? The world’s best indestructible bowl. Introducing the Tank Tactical Metal Bowl, available in Black, Army Green, and Gold. Our team designed a bowl made of aircraft-grade aluminum that will never break and perfectly fit our other products. Of course, if you prefer to smoke with glass, we carry a Glass Bowl with a handle too.

    Properly cleaning your bong shouldn’t be its death sentence. Neither should passing it to a clumsy friend. Don’t let another one of your beloved glass pieces break into a million pieces.

    You deserve durable accessories that enhance your smoking experience, not ruin it.

    All of our pieces are easy to clean and easy to share. Stop worrying during every smoke sesh. Start enjoying the best smoking experience on the planet, courtesy of Tank Glass.

    The Tank Glass Team

    Tank Glass is blown in sunny Los Angeles, California. We got sick and tired of all of our glass pieces breaking, so we solved the problem for good. We put together a five-person team of computer engineers and materials scientists determined to invent the world’s first unbreakable bong and one day, we will get there; but for now, the Tank Lifetime Warranty has you covered!

    With all the chaos happening in the world, who knows when a meteor will strike your bong or a rogue robot will melt it with laser beams. We are confident that our products will last you for life — because we engineer them for durability. That’s why we offer a Lifetime Warranty. If your Tank glass is somehow damaged, we’ll send you a replacement for half off the current sale price. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

    Add Tank Glass Products to Your Smoking Arsenal

    We craft our highly durable and functional smoking products to last a lifetime. You already treat yourself to the best flower, so why are you using cheap glass pieces?

    As a bonus, we offer free domestic shipping and returns on all orders over $99, so there’s no excuse for you not to order our products straight to your door today.

    Durable, hefty, a lifelong smoking buddy. No matter how you describe them, the superior smoking accessories designed by the Tank Glass team will impress you with their strength, durability, and function. For an unforgettable smoking experience, you need incredible glass at unbeatable prices. Our products are best-selling for a reason. Experience the best smoke around with the highest-quality glass available on the market. Add our superior products to your arsenal today. Check them out now.


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