Are Glass Blunts Taking Over?

Apparently blunts originated from New York City and in an old interview with Snoop, he said that the first time he ever saw a blunt get rolled was by Bushwick Bill. After all these years, a blunt substitute has risen and could be putting an end to blunt rolling.

Blunts are basically a leaf wrapped joint and the wrap is paper made with tobacco; the paper could either add to your high or lessen it, but it does take away the pure strain flavor. Most blunts have a flavor in it that could be overpowering, but some of them are just right and yummy. The Tobacco in the paper could give you a pleasant high, but does not get you more stoned, if anything it would balance out the harshness intake so it’s a smoother smoke for lungs that can’t handle pure THC.



Granted smoking a blunt has a class, an art, and a style to it that can’t be taken away (unless rolled wonky) plus it’s hella fun passing it around your circle of stoner friends. Glass blunts are just glass pipes with a long screw in the middle that twists your weed around. You can have it in your pocket or purse and you never have to roll cause it’s just ready to go. So which is the preferred blunt to smoke, let’s look at the pricing, eco-friendliness, and some minor comparisons.

What’s nice is that blunt papers are cheap, if they’re not bought on the daily. If you’re a daily blunt smoker and you smoke a minimum of 2 blunts a day, then that’s at least 365$ per year which isn’t that much. Now, if you get a glass blunt and plan on taking proper care of it, then you’re spending somewhere between 13$ – 50$ on a glass blunt once in your life or every 3 years, so you can spend the other 315$ on more weed!



Glass blunts are obviously the eco-friendly blunt to smoke between the two. There’s no paper used and no wasted weed at the tip. When it comes to cleaning the pipe, you could buy Formula420 for 17$ to clean it out, or you can buy a gallon of 99% alcohol for about 17$ and some rocky salt; it’s honestly cheaper magic. The only harm glass blunts contribute to the environment is the ash that will be blown away to dust.


Some other stuff to compare is that you don’t burn yourself smoking the end of the blunt. A lot of people burn their fingers or their mouths trying to savor the last of their rolled marijuana. Also you don’t waste time and saliva rolling blunts, you simply just pack your bud into the tube and go on with your day; you don’t have to plan any pre-rolls for that day, yay!



Overall, glass blunts are growing more and more popular and it wouldn’t be a surprise if people decided to turn over to the glassware option. It does have more advantages than normal blunts do, but at the end of the day blunts are an OG way to smoke and we love that natural, classy feel we get when we’re smoking them. It comes down to the stoner within, so would you turn over to a glass blunt?

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