Apple might be developing a vape pen

If you read the patent filed by Apple a few months ago, you might think that they were getting into the weed business. A recent patent application has been filed by Apple to the United States patent and trademark office, and this application has become public knowledge. So, what is this patent they applied for? The title says sublimator/vaporizer. After reading this application, one line of the application reads that it is for “An apparatus for vaporization or sublimation of a substance…” Sounds like a vaporizer to me! It also mentions that the device “releases heat directly above the substance that lies below”. Sound familiar? It even mentions heated coils.

The more I read the application the more it sounds like a vaporizer. This does not sound like a device that could be used in a computer or an iPhone. So, what is this substance that they want this device to vape? Many are speculating that it’s pot. I guess speculating is the wrong word. Many people are hoping that it’s pot. But as I kept reading the application, I found tons of technical jargon that I didn’t understand. Perhaps you should give this trademark application a read for yourself.

For those who doubt these facts, what reason would Apple not want to enter the marijuana industry? It is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, and they have always been an innovative company. Apple is also based in California, the first state to legalize medical marijuana. And now, California has legalized recreational marijuana. This is the perfect time to jump on board.

If Apple really does enter the marijuana game, they would be the largest company in there. All the more reason to enter it now. They could really have something new here. Let’s hope that they do enter the marijuana industry. If Apple has an invested interest in marijuana, it is also quite possible that they will start pushing for legalization. It would be nice to have an ally the size of Apple on our side! A company that large

If Apple really does develop a vape pen, they will probably come out with a new one every year. It will be the stoners version of iPhone release day! Hopefully it won’t cost as much as an iPhone. If so, I will be staying home and sticking to my $50 vape. It works just fine!

This patent was filed in January, and we have not heard anything about it since. But as time goes by, that could mean that we are getting closer to the release of the iVape or whatever they decide to call it. iVape is a good name though. You’re welcome, Apple!

Right now, this is all speculation and hope. Apple has not released an official statement on this vaping device, or whatever it may be. Perhaps Apple is onto something entirely new. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!


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