The American Legion Says Veterans Need Medical Marijuana


For the past 20 years, we have been engaged in a war on terror that does not seem to end. It is bringing home countless veterans who are having symptoms of PTSD and have sustained other injuries overseas. And yes, PTSD is an injury, not a mental disorder. With medical marijuana becoming more available in the United States, veterans are trying it and finding relief that medication could not bring to them. These are men and women who fought overseas and sustained injuries while doing so, and they deserve all of the relief they can get.

Recently, the American Legion released the stories that veterans have told about their experiences with PTSD and other injuries contracted overseas, and how medical marijuana provided relief from chronic pain, depression, PTSD, anxiety, and is even helping with burns and damaged lungs from smoke. The American Legion prides itself on protecting its veterans and helping better their lives, so they have taken a strong stance in supporting medical marijuana.

Veterans are suffering from injuries such as PTSD and body trauma, and the only ‘cure’ available on the market is anti-depressants and opioids. Our veterans deserve better than this. As the opioid epidemic rages on in our country, veterans are sadly not an exception. The American Legion has been working to help veterans who suffer from addiction for years, and they believe medical cannabis may be the cure they have been looking for.

Recently, the American legion took it a step further and called out president Trump on this issue. He has not taken one strong stance for or against marijuana; but his attorney general has. Jeff Sessions has stated that “good people don’t smoke pot” in the past, but lets hope that he wasn’t talking about our veterans who have been using medical marijuana to get relief. Government has always been behind the times when it comes to marijuana, mainly because of lobbying from special interest groups. The American Legion is actually a special interest group itself, so many people believe that their power and support for medical marijuana may be what we need to push our government to be more receptive to medical cannabis and continue the push for federally legal medical marijuana. If not full medical legalization, hopefully moving marijuana to a schedule two drug will help.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of medical cannabis, cannabis is still considered a schedule one drug, meaning that it is still federally illegal to do research on it. While heroin and opioids are considered schedule 2 drugs, they are able to be sold in legal forms throughout the united states, but cannabis isn’t. But now that the American Legion is fighting to reform marijuana laws, we can hopefully see some progress from a new ally. If we really want to solve the opioid epidemic and help our veterans, there is one clear solution that everyone seems to be avoiding, and that is medical marijuana. The American Legion will continue the fight to help our veterans get the care they need.

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