American Government May Begin To Respect Citizens’ Right to Get High

For years, many marijuana users and dealers in the U.S have had to do their stuff in the dark. Fortunately, there is a gleam of light that is most probably a sign that the beginning of the end of a decades-long struggle to legalize marijuana is in the offing. There is a strong hint that Congress could finally begin to take the idea on reforms in the industry seriously.

A team of representatives in the U.S Congress are determined to ensure that a number of bills related to marijuana are re-introduced. Making up the team known as the Congressional Cannabis Caucus are Dana Rohrabacher, Earl Blumenauer, Don Young, and Jared Polis. They have a common belief in the possibility of the Congress beginning to think about taking a serious approach towards legalizing marijuana.

Protecting the Marijuana Family

Among the team’s goals is protection of the marijuana industry from present and future enemies. One of them is Jeff Sessions, an Attorney General in the U.S. This will be done by inspiring the biggest number of lawmakers in the Congress to join the noble cause and bar the Trump administration from interfering in the progress made throughout the years of struggle for legalization of one of the most beneficial herbs.

Marijuana to Enjoy Same Rights as Alcohol

In 2015, Colorado Representative, Jared Polis sponsored a proposal labeled the ‘Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Act’. It is one of the proposals set to be reignited during the 2017 session. It is aimed at removing marijuana from the list of controlled substances, thus affording the weed family a great relief by making it socially acceptable to use and deal in, just like alcohol.

The Voters Will

During the last presidential campaigns, President Donald Trump insisted that he would respect the rights of the state in regard to legalization of marijuana. However, his choice of Attorney General was against the sentiment he expressed before he took office. AG Sessions has shown all hints of a determination to enforce federal law, and has been one of the most active critics of the Obama administration’s hands-off approach towards marijuana legalization. Luckily, the Trump administration is involved in too many battles to have enough energy to spare, especially when fighting against the will of the citizens who voted it in. This is according to Oregon Representative, Earl Blumenauer.

Nothing to Fear

A large part of the marijuana has hidden fears about just what AG Sessions might do in his fervor to enforce federal law. Nevertheless, the fact that he has not said exactly what he plans to do may be an indication of hesitation. In fact, he has been quoted saying that there should be no worries about what he might do. Instead, the federal law should be changed by the Congress if it no longer does any good to the rights of American citizens.

Federal legislation of marijuana has never received any hearing in the Senate or House of Representatives. More than ever before, users have a reason to be sure that their right to get high on their favorite herb and freely obtain it will soon be respected by the authorities. Thumbs up to the Congressional Cannabis Caucus.

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