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    American Autoflower Cup 2023

    American Autoflower Cup 2023 is uniting cannabis growers and breeders on legendary Green Street in Los Angeles!

    In the past 10 years, we have seen huge breakthroughs in cannabis genetics, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of US autoflowers. Despite this massive shift, autoflowering strains are still sometimes thought of as a bit of an outcast when compared to the classic photoperiod strains. 

    Nowadays, autoflowering strains are competing with (and oftentimes surpassing) the very best photoperiod strains in terms of cannabinoid potency, yield sizes, and terpene production. Auto growers are no longer operating in the shadows, and thanks to a cultural shift and advances in cultivation technology the US autoflowering community is growing larger by the minute. 

    For the first time ever in California, we are proud to present the first edition of the A.A.C – American Autoflower Cup. Test your growing skills head-to-head with the best growers and breeders in the United States and become the first American Autoflower Cannabis Cup Winner in the following categories: 

    • Best Sativa strain 
    • Best Indica strain 
    • Best Autoflower Breeder 

    Judges will be awarding prizes to autoflower growers who have achieved extraordinary success, pushed the autoflowering genetic pool, and shown a strong commitment to the autoflowering cannabis industry in the United States. 

    We proudly announce that the full judging panel is now confirmed and we are pumped to present them: 

    Daniel Morford, he’s a third-generation ganja farmer born and raised in the mountains of the Emerald Triangle with over 19 years of experience in cannabis growing and 10 years growing and breeding autoflowers. 

    Nick Bradley, with more than 10 years of experience in cannabis retail and quality assurance, has participated in the judging process of several cannabis competitions around

    the world including the High Times Cannabis Cup, Hash Masters Challenge, The Oakland Cup, and many more. 

    Sincerely Cali, from trap houses to full cultivation of big canna with over 25 years of experience currently working with Platinum Genetics & Platinum Farmers, spreading the love of cannabis. 

    Jenny-Beth Dills, founder of Kind Cannabis Consulting and Director of Operations for Game Over Distribution. She was born into cannabis and has been in the legal industry since 2012, having worked in all areas of the cannabis industry, from seed to sale. 

    Joey Burger, he’s a Regenerative Cannabis Consultant, Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure Certified Educator, and Permaculture teacher with over 27 years of practice in the Emerald Triangle’s cannabis industry. 

    Jessica Cueb AKA Pothead Princess, a LA-based influencer with 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry, having worked in Amsterdam and the US in all parts of the industry, from budtender to manager, currently working at Avenue in studio city. 

    The American Autoflower Cup team began working on an in-depth study of autoflower genetics, with the help of Leafworks, the first company to offer a comprehensive DNA validation system in the cannabis industry, and Encore Labs, an industry-leading cannabis testing laboratory known for having innovative technology tailored towards the cannabis industry, the judging panel and Cup Curator – Jeremy Norrie, winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Product in Amsterdam. His in-depth knowledge of how the judging criteria works for cannabis competitions in national and international cups will guarantee nothing but the best autoflowers win and make this the best Autoflower Cup ever! 

    Angela Mazzanti, model, entrepreneur, content creator, and host and judge of WeedTv’s SmokesModel in 2017 will be hosting the American Autoflower Cup on January 28, and will be awarding the 1st Place of the Best Autoflower Breeder category a 10×10 booth (valued at $3250) at Champs Trade Shows offered by our sponsor CHAMPS. 

    Come check out the latest and greatest autos the cannabis world has to offer while enjoying live music and good company, and even better buds. See the future of cannabis cultivation

    firsthand and celebrate all things autoflower with our long-term partners, including world-renowned brands such as Mephisto and Fast Buds, pioneers in cannabis breeding with decades of experience dedicated to autoflowers only, leading the autoflower community since the very beginning; Sana Packaging, featured in MjBiz Daily, LA Weekly and Forbes for its sustainable packaging solutions for the cannabis industry and The Cali Connection, multi cannabis cup award-winning seed company. 

    The event will take place in LA’s premier cannabis location – Green Street, a professional and social hub for the cannabis community, entrepreneurs, and artists, with 67,000 square feet for businesses and community meet-ups and everything cannabis related, located at 718 South Hill Street, Los Angeles. Applications are open, and sample submissions will be accepted from December 1st 2022 through January 10th 2023. 

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