Alcohol and Marijuana

Alcohol has been a legal drug for years; whereas Marijuana is slowly claiming her legal status. The two have been compared for so long and it’s important for people to know the health and risk factors that come with these two very favorable drugs. Alcohol is an extremely fun drug, it’s very much accepted and it’s literally everywhere. It warms your body when you’re cold and it’s there for you on depressing or exciting nights. It’s been proven that drinking a glass a day can actually lower the risk of a heart attack and stroke.



However, alcohol has a lot of negatives and there is no telling what a proper amount of alcohol consumption would be. In 2014, 30,722 people died from alcohol consumption alone, that’s excluding the others included in either car crashes, violent accidents, or homicides (all of which were alcohol related); the total would be somewhere near 90,000 people. Alcohol is one of the most addictive drugs out there and it’s heavily known to cause cancer. Research has also shown that people get more violent after drinking and that it’s somewhat linked to depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. It also causes black outs and memory loss once you consume too much; also, don’t drink and drive, just don’t do it.



When it comes to Marijuana, it can be a little hard on your heart because it’s known to speed up your heart beat; whereas alcohol slows it down, so some people can’t handle the fast beating. Weed also tampers with your memory, it’ll affect your short-term memory, so you’ll forget some events or conversations. It can trigger paranoia and has been linked to schizophrenia.



However, cannabis has caused approximately 0 deaths (don’t smoke and drive either, just don’t), has been known to treat so many medical issues; such as diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, mental pain, seizures, and so much more. It will calm all your nerves, relieve your stress, and it’s less than to almost not at all addictive.


Overall, cannabis cannot poison you or kill you. You’re taking in a drug and it’s important to be smart about it. Marijuana is definitely healthier and safer for you than alcohol ever will be. However, don’t let it stop you from partying with your favorite liquor, just be responsible and safe!


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