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Advertise your brand on the largest cannabis media network. We offer multiple advertising opportunities to push traffic and sales.

Email Blast

Our weekly newsletter and email blast are sent to 800K+ people each week. We offer consumer and B2B email blast.


Our media partners include BuzzFeed, Yahoo, LA Weekly, MSNBC, and many more. Build awareness with PR for your brand.


Instagram and Facebook shout outs are a great way to gain followers on social media. Shouts outs are an effective loophole for cannabis marketing.


We have a network of 100+ nano influencers we work with daily. Nano influencers have highly engaged audiences and loyal following.

Native Ads

Native ads on our platform include video features on our YouTube, brand listings, and sponsored articles.


Daily High Club reaches 20K+ homes a month. Subscription box marketing includes brand inclusion and sponsored products.


80M+ Followers

120M+ Followers

10M+ Followers

3M+ Followers

18 – 45Age range




Social media pages on Instagram,Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat


Combined followers on social media

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We’re a full service media agency. We partner with clients to drive
their business with video production, media planning, content distribution,
influencer marketing, social media management and everything in between.

Social Media Management

We manage and grow client social media accounts everyday. Let us do the legwork
so you can focus on growing your business.

Influencer Marketing

We own and operate our own social media networks with 100M+ followers. We’ll curate, execute, and manage an influencer campaign for your business.

Content Creation

Content is key, especially for social media. We create viral, educational, engaging, and epic photos to stay relevant in today’s social world.

Video Production

Our full-fledged photo studio and video team, our second-to-none creative department is all under one roof. We create the video content to get your voice heard.

Print Magazine

Print is not dead, especially in the cannabis industry. Our magazine is delivered to 20K+ homes a month.

TV & Display Media

With 300+ TV screens inside 200+ dispensaries, our TV commercials generate 10M+ impressions a month.

Subscription Box

Daily High Club is the number one smokers subscription box. Get your product in the hands of 15K+ people a month. Our subscribers receive a box every month with smoking accessories discretely delivered to their home.

Festivals & Events

Our team has thrown the largest cannabis festivals and events like Blazers Cup, High Life, Hempcon, Green Haus and many others. We offer event consulting, media buying, production, talent buying for events.

Email Marketing

With 1M+ consumer emails and 200K+ business emails, we work with brands and setup email strategic marketing campaigns.

e-Commerce & Web Development

A one-stop shop for web development and SEO, we know how to optimize websites and build sales funnels online.