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    Accessories Gift Guide for 420

    Hey there, looking to enhance your 420 experience? Explore our curated gift guide featuring a variety of smoking and cannabis accessories designed to elevate your sessions with style and functionality. Happy toking!



    The Brand: We specialize in catering to rollers of all kinds, offering a wide range of accessories tailored to their needs. Whether you’re an everyday roller, a pre-roller, or a seasoned pro, we have the perfect tools for you. With over six years of experience, our company was founded with rollers in mind, ensuring that we provide top-notch support and assistance to fulfill our customers’ requirements.

    The Product: Say goodbye to sloppy rolls! Switch from smoking spit to using Caligars GlueGar for the ultimate roll every time. Ideal for rollers of all levels – whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or pro – GlueGar ensures your rolls stay neat and tightly sealed. Perfect for adding kief to the exterior, it’s available in natural non-flavor or one of 14 delicious flavors. Experience its exceptional sealing power today!

    Gift here: Caligars



    The Brand: With a complete lineup of grow-optimized dehumidifiers at capacities up to 710 pints per day, humidifiers, and RO water treatment systems, Anden has the environmental control solution for any size facility to achieve desired humidity balance and maximum growth potential. From design and delivery to installation, setup, and service, the Anden team is committed to helping the cultivator every step of the way. Learn more at

    The Product: If you’re dealing with existing facility constraints or just trying to maximize space in a new build, check out the Anden A210 High-Capacity, Grow-Optimized Dehumidifier. Remove up to 210 pints of moisture per day and circulate air within your cultivation space to create a healthy, grow-optimized environment. Setup is simple, and humidity is constantly controlled to help prevent crop disease and pests.

    Gift here: Anden



    The Brand: At Cannascape, we provide high-end cannabis storage solutions. Our patented canisters give a better smoking experience for the end consumer by preserving THC%, terpenes & cannabinoids. We are a subsidiary of Missoula, Montana-based Planetary Design, who has made the leading coffee storage device for over 25 years. Still, we are innovators, naturally bringing us to the forefront of providing the cannabis industry with the best storage.

    The Product: The Cannascape™ Stainless Steel Matte Black Stash Jar is designed to maximize and maintain the freshness of your flowers (up to 2 ounces)  in a premium, sleek aesthetic. Our patented weed storage container removes excess oxygen and blocks out light to create an ideal environment that protects your flowers from the elements that degrade cannabinoids and terpenes, aka potency, flavors, smell, and the unique qualities of each individual strain. You know, the good stuff that you’ve learned to love and care for.

    Gift here: Cannascape™


    Iaso Goods

    The Brand: At Iaso Goods, the people and planet come first. As makers of the world’s first 100% Stainless Steel Grinder, we’re on a mission to create top quality tools and accessories that you can feel better about.

    The Product: Our grinders are meticulously crafted to elevate your grinding experience to new heights. Constructed from 100% stainless steel and equipped with diamond-shaped teeth, the Iaso grinder effortlessly grinds your herb to the perfect consistency with each twist. The precision-engineered teeth ensure a smooth and consistent grind, allowing you to extract the full potency and flavor of your herb with ease. Try our 3-piece 2.5” Stainless Steel Grinder and discover the difference it makes in your herb preparation routine.

    Gift here: Iaso Goods


    Phoenician Grinders

    The Brand: Our mission is rooted in a passion for engineering & manufacturing patented premium weed grinders with innovative & superior functionality that you can’t find elsewhere. As a company & a team, we are driven by a shared vision of creating the best weed grinders on the market.

    The Product: Best known for our patented features & quality manufacturing: built-in rolling paper dispenser, threadless quick lock, diametrically cut teeth, removable & replaceable screens, combined with precision design and superior user experience, plus a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Gift here: Phoenician Grinders



    The Brand: Discover the intersection of art and education with Goldleaf’s stunning collection of cannabis-themed journals and prints, designed to inform and inspire. The guided journals are meticulously designed to cater to cannabis patients, growers, and CBD enthusiasts. They provide a templated approach to note-taking, making them an invaluable resource for discovering what works for the individual.

    The Product: Patient Journal

    Discovering the ideal treatment for your medical needs shouldn’t be daunting. That’s why Goldleaf’s Patient Journal is here to guide you every step of the way. Crafted in partnership with leading medical professionals, our journal simplifies the process, allowing you to track and adjust your therapy regimen with confidence. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to tailored, effective treatment – start your healing journey with the Patient Journal today.

    The Patient Journal was recently approved by the Department of Health in Pennsylvania to be sold in Medical Dispensaries. Huge WIN for patients to have access to an simple process that helps them identify what works for them. 

    Gift here: Goldleaf



    The Brand: STASHLOGIX is a lifestyle brand of everyday-carry products for an active and elevated lifestyle.  Our award-winning bags, jars, and accessories are designed to keep you responsible, discreet, and stylish.

    The Product: SmartJars – a revolution in cannabis storage that combines cutting-edge technology with elegant design to provide the ultimate solution for preserving your prized botanicals. At the heart of SmartJars lies their innovative humidity control system. By minimizing exposure to UV light and oxygen and maintaining proper moisture, the SmartJars help prevent the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes, ensuring that your buds retain their potency and flavor for months on end.  SmartJars are more than just storage containers – they’re a statement piece for the modern cannabis enthusiast.

    Gift here: STASHLOGIX



    The Brand: MiniNail is a Seattle based company that creates the world’s most popular Enail kits for concentrates as well as Flower Vaporizers; specifically created for daily consumers of cannabis. Every MiniNail Kit is designed and assembled in-house for unparalleled quality, longevity, and accuracy. Get the perfect hit every time without the use of a torch.

    The Product: The Flower Wand is MiniNail’s latest product. It is a new style of vaporizer (Ball Vape) that uses the power of convection to heat up the air that passes over and thru your flower when you inhale. This provides intense flavor and vapor production that is unmatched from the traditional style of conduction vaporizers currently on the market. Instead of that burnt popcorn taste you get pure terpene bliss that can even rival a dab!

    Gift here: MiniNail


    Doctor Zymes

    The Brand: Introducing The Amazing Doctor Zymes – where innovation meets nature’s brilliance. Driven by a passion for eco-conscious solutions, our brand revolutionizes plant care with powerful, enzyme-based formulas that defy conventional pest and disease control. From eliminating pests and disease organically to pristine clean facilities, Doctor Zymes products harness the magic of enzymes to transform cultivation practices worldwide. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering, as each product is meticulously crafted to leave no ecological footprint behind. Embrace a new era of gardening excellence with The Amazing Doctor Zymes – Experience the difference firsthand with a complimentary sample and enter for a chance to win 1 gallon of Eliminator concentrate at Elevate your cultivation journey today.

    The Product: Doctor Zymes Eliminator – a cutting-edge solution for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Crafted with precision and care, this OMRI Listed formula is designed to effectively combat soft-bodied insects, molds, and mildews, promoting healthier plants and higher yields. Harnessing the power of nature, Eliminator breaks down organic matter without clogging stomata or leaving harmful residues, offering a safe, biodegradable, and non-GMO alternative for organic gardening enthusiasts. Experience gardening excellence with Doctor Zymes Eliminator – your key to a greener, pest-free future.

    Gift here: Doctor Zymes



    The Brand: Vessel, founded in 2018, is synonymous with innovation, crafting unrivaled experiences through stylish, high-performance products. From unique signature designs to superior craftsmanship, each Vessel product promises an elevated smoking experience, pushing the boundaries of design and engineering. With a pioneering fusion of high-quality materials and advanced features, Vessel sets the standard for sophistication and tactile satisfaction, delivering unapologetically original and unforgettable designs.

    The Product: Introducing our top-selling Pipe, a revolutionary cannabis accessory designed to pack up to 1g of your favorite herb. Crafted with a 100% pure brass bowl and anodized aluminum exterior, its patent-pending design incorporates double helix technology for a smoother, cooler smoke experience. Available in four stylish colorways and priced at an MSRP of $70, the Pipe promises unmatched functionality and sophistication for discerning cannabis enthusiasts.

    Gift here: Vessel


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