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    A Quick List Of Legendary Stoners

    The stigma surrounding cannabis continues to decline as more and more states decriminalize and legalize weed. And while some states are only just now jumping on the skunky bandwagon, there have been pioneers of pot holding it down for the rest of us for over the past few decades. Here a few of the most notable stoners of our time.

    Keith Richards

    Keith makes this list not only for his longevity, but for his association with all drugs in general. It’s a wonder how he and his other Rolling Stones bandmates have withstood the test of time given the copious amounts of illicit substances they’ve consumed over the years. But as someone who’s enjoyed the benefits of pot since the 60’s (or before), and someone who’s been quoted as saying he smokes weed for breakfast, Keith Richards is the epitome of a rock and roller and an overall stoner legend. 

    Woody Harrelson

    Despite taking a few periods away from the gange, Woody Harelson is as prolific a smoker as he is an actor. Often known for having the “best pot on set” and toking with his co-stars, Woody might actually book roles for the simple fact that directors and producers want to get high with him! He’s that much of a legend. So much so, it’s become a sort of a right of passage amongst Hollywood insiders to have a Woody Harrelson smoking story that they can then regale others with at cocktail parties.

    Cheech & Chong

    Trailblazing through the 70’s and 80’s canna-spheres were the dynamic comedic duo of Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. Their iconic feature film “Up In Smoke” not only paved the way for future stoner movies, it thrust two pot enthusiasts onto the big screen spotlight and helped rocket them to superstardom. Cannabis played a predominant role in both their comedy routines and the subject matter of their subsequent films, cementing their legacies – and surnames – as two of the most legendary stoners of all time.

    Snoop Dogg

    Like Cheech & Chong, Snoop Dogg seems to have been smoking since he exited the womb. Weed plays such an important part of his perona that it’s hard to imagine him not smoking pot. From his multi-million dollar record sales detailing his historic smoking habits, to the memorable movie roles he’s played while usually puffing on something herbal-based, it’s no surprise Snoop Dogg has his own strain named after him in “Snoop Dogg OG.” Whether it’s in music, film, or cooking with Martha Stewart, Snoop is a crystalized legend and a legendary stoner.

    Willie Nelson

    Long before marijuana advocacy became a popular nationwide movement, there was Willie Nelson being Willie Nelson. And he continues to be Willie Nelson. One of the premiere and longest running cannabis reformers and smokers, Willie’s name has become so synonymous with blazing that he created “Willie’s Reserve” – his own line of strains and other cannabis related products. His contributions to pop culture, pot and music will leave him forever enshrined in the canna-hall-of-fame.

    Bob Marley

    The Granddaddy of Gange. No one has been more iconic or emblematic of the marijuana movement than the legend, Bob Marley. To this day, posters of the famed musician continue to decorate dorms throughout the country, and the Marley name itself almost smells like cannabis by this point. A new cherry on the Marley institution is a soon-to-drop Sirius radio channel dedicated solely to Bob, his music and his mission, which is sure to touch on the thousands upon millions of people he influenced through his music, advocacy and lifestyle during his lifetime and beyond.



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