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    A Higher Standard: Live A LITTO On 4/20!

    LITTO has solidified a name for itself with their dope products, expert blends, and commitment to satisfying cannabis experiences! Being one of our top choices to celebrate 4/20, their standout Live Resin Collection redefines THC excellence.

    Live a LITTO

    LITTO was made for everyday people – casual consumers and experienced users are all welcome to enjoy LITTO, as they offer something for everybody! With a mission to destigmatize the negative understandings of cannabis and its users, LITTO is dedicated to profoundly positive cannabis experiences – that’s why their motto is #LiveaLITTO, encouraging people to live their lives to the fullest in whatever way they see fit!

    LITTO Live Resin: Bliss Is One Puff Away

    Made with the finest fresh, flash-frozen material, LITTO’s Live Resin Collection is our choice to get absolutely smacked with a smile on your face this 4/20! Choose from their Shmac 1, Watermelon Z, Papaya, Legend OG, or White Runtz strains to experience the full effects of their cutting-edge device system and potent live resin formulations, full of natural terpenes. 

    LITTO: One To Watch

    We see LITTO going far in the cannabis space, and have our eyes set on their upcoming drops and ventures. With an already impressive line-up of products, LITTO is definitely one to watch, and we have word that they’ve got some shiny, exciting new products on the way!



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