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    A Beginners Guide To Dabs

    Dabs. What are they? How do you “do” them? Read on to learn everything you need to know about dabs in order to pop your dab virginity.

    What Are Dabs?

    While they may look a morning like a science project containing glass vials and beakers, dabs are actually a form of cannabis consumption that involves turning a cannabis concentrate into vapor, prior to inhaling it. Concentrates – which come in the form of oils, waxes, etc – are heated and then inhaled, producing a much stronger and much more intense high than if you were simply puff on flower.

    Materials And Supplies You’ll Need

    To get started on dabbing you’ll need some specific equipment. In this case, a traditional dab rig, dab tool, mini torch (that chefs use), water, and your concentrate of choice. Here’s a brief outline of each:

    Dab Rig: Very similar to a water pipe or water bong in that it has a mouthpiece and chamber. The only difference is it has a “nail” and a “dome” instead of a “bowl.”

    Dab Tool: Tool used to apply the concentrate to the nail.

    Mini Torch: Used to heat the nail prior to applying the concentrate.

    Water: Same function as a traditional water bong or water pipe.

    Concentrate: Your chosen THC-laden substance for consumption.

    Choosing The Right Amount

    Given how each person reacts to THC differently, it’s suggested that dabbers start with a quantity on the smaller side and add to it if need be. A little trial and error is required in the early aughts as you discover your dabbing chi. As such, don’t feel it necessary to inhale all of the smoke once the dab is lit, since the smoke is far more powerful than traditional flower and thus the quantity required to get you high is much less. It’s also recommended that you enjoy your dabs from a comfortable, seated position, due to – again – the dab’s intensity. 

    How To Do It

    Generally speaking, the dabbing process is pretty easy andstraight forward.

    First step is to add water to your dab rig as you would a bong. Then, remove the dome from over the nail and heat your nail by aiming your torch flame directly at it. Keep heating until the nail starts to glow. Let the nail cool for thirty to forty-five seconds, and as the nail cools, use your dab tool to apply a small “dab” of concentrate to the end of it. Place the dome back over the nail and place the dab tool into the dome so that the concentrate on the end makes contact with the nail. Start inhaling from the dab rig – as you would a bong or other pipe – and turn the dab tool in a swirling motion to prevent wasting any concentrate. When you’re finished, carefully remove the dome from the nail – using an oven mitt or towel – and congratulations! You’ve just completed your first dab.


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