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    5 Ways To Be A Potreprenuer

    There’s no better time than the present moment to sit in the driver’s seat and launch your very own cannabusiness. While the future of the cannabis industry is still very much unknown, continued decriminalization of weed, the lucrative business of cultivation, and the ever expanding health benefits of the plant are just a few of the reasons for optimism. If you’re itching to get in the game, here are five ways to start your journey to becoming a potreprenuer.


    Do you consider yourself an arborist or enjoy working with plants? Perhaps (legally) growing cannabis is the pot profession for you. As a first step, it’s important to research the cannabis laws in your area on both the local and state level to see if the weed growing route is even a viable one. If it is, great. Next step is to draft up a business plan – all businesses have these – which will act as your guide for what you’ll need to do to enter the cultivation game. Pro potreprenuer tip for growers: it’s recommended for those who are just starting out that they begin growing in soil rather than hydro, as soil is a bit easier to navigate than hydroponics.

    Open A Dispensary

    Like with cultivation, the path to opening a dispensary contains a very involved application process. But once you’ve navigated the “red tape” for your licenses and have figured out a way to bring in and manage your cash flow, your dreams of dispensing are exponentially closer to coming to fruition. It’s important to have a rock solid business plan prior to pursuing a dispensary as your potrenprenuer path, and it’s important to understand the implications such a decision will have on your banking options since weed isn’t yet legal at the federal level.

    Start A Media Company

    One of the easier paths to becoming a potreprenuer, starting your own media company is a great avenue if you’re trying to avoid the (initial) red tape. As long as you’re not selling cannabis, you can start a website, Instagram or YouTube channel where you talk about weed, and be very much in the clear. So if you’re passionate about weed, knowledgeable about the plant or have something you want to say in the cannaspace, starting a weed-themed media company might be your key to becoming a successful potreprenuer.

    Create An Edible Brand

    If you’re a foodie, enjoy cooking or think working with food is fun, then starting your own brand of edibles might be the best way for you to enter the cannabis industry. Assuming cannabis is legal in your area, the first step is to research the local laws and learn what you can and cannot do. For some, the journey ends there. For others, it’s a process of understanding which licenses need to be obtained, what type of edible(s) you’ll start with, and how you’ll distribute. If you plan on selling your edibles on your own, you’ll need a dispensary license. If you hope to get stocked in shops, you’ll need to target specific distributors in your area. Like the other ways to be a potreprenuer, it all starts with the business plan, so do your best to flesh out your idea, your goals and how you’ll execute before you spark up your future venture.


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