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    5 Things to Know Before Growing Weed

    A lot of people believe that growing weed is really difficult and time-consuming which it is, but there are some important things to know before growing your weed.

    First, stop believing that it’s impossible to grow your own marijuana. If you need to grow some weed for medical purposes, or anything, then you can simply water them and they’ll grow like normal plants except leaving you with at least a couple of buds to smoke. However, if you’re trying to grow some super potent weed, then you’ll have to time manage your process and dedicate at least an hour a day to dry, cure, and care for your buds.

    Second, pH is important. Some growers don’t care to check on the pH and their weed will come out just fine, but not for all. By adjusting the pH, your plant will grow healthier and faster. If your pH is too high or too low, then it won’t absorb certain nutrients and cause some deficiencies in your plant. The optimal pH for soil is 6-7 and the hydro optimal pH is 5.5-6.5.

    Third, more nutrients don’t always mean better quality. As long as you give your plant the basic nutrients, then she will do great. Just make sure she’s growing in a great environment with some basic nutrients and you’ll get some dope results. Nutrients are essential for growing marijuana, but they don’t generate the growth of buds. Nutrients are like multi-vitamins, too much at once and you’ll get sick, so treat the plant like that too. Feeding too much to your plant is not a good action; for healthy and big plants just remember, less is better.

    Fourth, the lighting. Lighting is really important; you need to set up the perfect lighting for your babies if you plan on doing them indoors (you’d also need some sort of ventilation). There are a lot of sites that explain the perfect light set up and what kind to get.

    Fifth, the strain. The strain you grow makes a great difference in your final results. Some people just starting out might grow the seeds they find at the bottom of their weed jar, which is a great and fun experiment to start off with. If you’re serious about growing your own weed, then you might want to buy a strain you know or choose one with specific effects you’d want your strain to have from a marijuana breeder. The strain matters because the genetics will affect how quickly the plant will grow, the plants height, the size of buds, the color/smell/taste of buds, THC vs CBD levels, and so on. Seeds never have the same outcome as the mother plant it came from; they’re unpredictable and always changing, that’s why you need to care for them well and it would go much easier if you get a proven strain over a mysterious one. You can make your own hybrids and basically go crazy with it, but just do a lot of research on it before messing up 2 great strains.

    Overall, it’s important to go easy on yourself and watch out for your pH balance, your nutrient supply, the lighting, and the strain. You can have fun with this! It won’t grow over night, but once you start getting buds you’ll really enjoy it.

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