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    5 Smoking Rituals To Spice Up Your Sex Life

    Let’s face it: getting high and having sex is just better. Whether you’re looking to indulge your pleasure receptors or connect with your partner in an elevated way (or some combination of both), here are a few ideas to intensify both your high and your orgasm.

    Pre-Sex Puffing

    Sometimes, quantity is a large determinant of orgasmic ecstasy. If you’re too stoned, you might make it so you’re easily overstimulated. The same outcome might occur if you continue smoking during sex. One idea to keep you feeling a nice buzz for the duration of your intimate session is to take a few, smaller puffs before your clothes come off. This way, you can both acclimate to each other’s minds and bodies, while also remaining present. With a lower dose, you’ll be feeling a greater connectivity between each other, while simultaneously heightening your mutual senses of touch, scent and lust.

    Sensual Shotguns

    Another sexual pregame activity, sensual shotguns can be added to increase the realm of pleasure when it comes to foreplay. Just as you’re starting to remove each other’s wardrobes, fire up a quick puff for yourself and share it with your partner by exhaling into his/her/their mouth. Again, it’s recommended to keep consumption low in order to maintain a blissful state of awareness in the present. Sensual shotguns can also be added to sex that’s already in progress if you’re looking to increase your stamina or gain a slight libido boost. 

    Edible Aphrodisiac

    For centuries, certain certain foods and herbs have been known to act as catalysts when it comes to turning you on. So why not combine an aphrodisiac with your cannabis? Well known aphrodisiacs like the oyster, basil and chocolate can all be part of a meal in which you add cannaoil. Granted, like with any edible, you’ll have to wait an hour or so for the high to hit, but the combination of cannabis and an aphrodisiac leading into sex might have you floating on your own pleasure island. It’s also important to remember that you can easily purchase chocolate edibles at most pot shops, so without too much preparation, you can have a pleasure-inducing-desert waiting in the wings that packs twice the punch because of its aphrodisiac properties.

    THC/CBD Lube

    Like its cousin the edible, THC or CBD lube is another ingestible form of cannabis, but much more erotic. With its anti-inflammatory properties, THC/CBD lube is a great way to prevent dryness or irritation. Adding THC/CBD lube to your bedroom repertoire not only provides a sensual way to enjoy a quick cannabuzz, but it’s also noninvasive to your lungs. If the conditions you’re in aren’t the best for lighting up, a THC or CBD lube might be the best way to achieve a longer lasting, more intense and more pleasurable orgasm. Not to mention, the anxiety-reducing effects of the CBD will have you focused on the sheets and not in your head.

    Smoke Your Way Through The Kama Sutra

    An amazing way to consume civilization’s most erotic text, smoking your way through the Kama Sutra might end up being your new favorite bedroom activity you never really thought to pursue. It’s as basic as it sounds. You and your partner get a little toasted – while keeping your faculties in check – and pick one position or insight from the Kama Sutra to test out. Being high will help you freely engage in a repetitive action, without the sense of boredom or decline in enthusiasm that might insert itself if cannabis was not part of the equation. The key here is commitment by both parties to try out something new and to stick with it, position by position, insight by insight, puff by puff. The best part? The only way to master the Kama Sutra is through practice.


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