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    5 Romantic CannaEvenings

    This month, many folks will celebrate Valentine’s Day – a “Hallmark Holiday” of sorts – exemplified by couples professing their love to each other and eating delicately wrapped chocolates. But for our 420 friends, Valentine’s Day can be a way to bond over buds by sharing an evening of stoney shenanigans with someone you love. If you find dinner and a movie too cliche, here are five romantic CannaEvenings to celebrate the romance in your life.

    Sunset Picnic Dinner For Two

    Whether you live coastal, in the mountains or in the inner city, you probably have a favorite spot to catch the sunset. If you don’t, here’s your opportunity to find one.

    Simply cook or order a favorite meal that you both enjoy, snag a blanket and a couple of pre-rolls (or any other form of cannabis) and bring your date to a location where you can watch the sun go down while burning one down. The key here will be to arrive and set up prior to sunset, as it will be pretty unromantic if you’re fumbling trying to set up the picnic dinner in the dark. With your picnic situated and your weed in hand, you’re well equipped to enjoy each other’s company and let the romantic evening commence.

    Couples Massage

    What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than getting massaged by a stranger? Book in advance to serve up your significant other the “spa” treatment. Nothing says “I love you” like giving someone the gift of relaxation. Also, a romantic evening starting with a couples massage can be a great way to break up the “basicness” of Valentine’s Days of years past. With this option, you both get to get high, destress – and if booked early enough in the evening – open up the rest of the night to a world of possibilities from an incredibly relaxed and sensual state.

    Build A Fort, Play Boardgames, And Get Baked

    Channel your inner child here – if that’s something you both enjoy – and take a trip back in time to when forts in your living room were as common as the cartoons on tv. In this scenario, try keeping the fort more romantic than childlike and focus on creating a warm, inviting environment. Light some candles, put on your favorite mellow music, spark up your favorite strain and…game on! With your favorite board games at your disposal, the sky’s the limit to how much fun you can have.

    Like with the Sunset Picnic, choose one of your favorite meals to order or a favorite to cook together. If for some reason the idea of romance makes you queasy, try an old fashioned game night full of weed, board games and supermarket snacks.

    Hike Under The Stars

    Provided the conditions in the sky are agreeable, a moonlit hike beneath the galaxy could be the ideal evening for you and your significant other, especially if you’re both high. There’s something rather mystical and romantic about the night sky in general, and under the guise of a stoned Valentine’s Day, the experience might be that much more memorable and impactful on you both.

    Most likely, you’ll want to embark on this hike after dinner, and it’s recommended that you stick to a nearby familiar trail so you don’t end up lost in the woods. Though if you’re safe and with the one you love, that might not be such a bad thing.

    Role Play

    Before you go all “50 Shades” – which is an option – decide what roles each of you would like to play later in the evening well in advance. This way, when V-Day strikes, you’re mentally (and physically) prepared to make the night a spicy affair rather than scrambling to pick a role that evening.

    The key things to prep for are costumes (is this an “Eyes Wide Shut” situation?), accessories (will you be trying something new or taboo?) and weed consumption (edibles, flower, etc). Like the other above ideas, you’ll probably want to be high before you begin your role play journey, however, cannabis could add an erotic element if it makes sense to your storyline. Just remember to not let the “kink” detract from the romance. Unless of course, that’s your thing.


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