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    5 Fun Uses For Shake

    You’ve rolled a bunch of joints, packed a bunch of bowls and bongs, and have ground up a bunch of sticky icky green for all. But what about the leftover green crumblies? Are they smokeable? Will they get you high? Here we explore what shake is and how you can have some fun with it. 

    What Is shake?

    Have you ever removed your last nug from a bag or jar of weed and admired the leftover assortment of tiny green buds, flakes and particles? Shake is simply the composition of these “leftovers,” the scraps of larger buds that have found a home at the bottom of your weed container. While you might think shake is garbage, it’s not. In fact, shake has several uses that can not only get you high, but can do so just as effectively as the more costly buds from which they came. These days, you can buy shake in bulk at dispensaries, and most pre-rolled joints sold by the dispensaries are filled with shake. Besides being a lower-cost alternative to achieving your high, shake also has an assortment of other uses.


    Despite what the haters may say, shake is a fantastic option for rolling joints. However, if you’re using the shake from your own grinder and an assortment of other bags and containers, you do run the risk of rolling several different types of flower into your high. If joint rolling is your objective, you’re better off buying shake from a dispensary – at a lower cost than the nugs they come from – and using that to get a quality high for a great price.

    If you live in an area where weed is illegal, scraping together shake from your grinder and other weed receptacles is a great way to utilize every part of the plant and to extend the life of your buds by stuffing all those loose ends into a tasty rolled-up tree burner.


    Shake also is a fantastic option as the weed used to make edibles. Whether you’re making cannabutter or cannaoil, the THC in shake can be easily extracted to deliver a fantastic high. Like rolling joints, shake provides a lower cost option if you’re planning to knock out a ton of edibles, especially since you won’t have to spend any time breaking up the nugs! This sneaky benefit of shake will have you shaving off tons of minutes in your cannabutter or cannaoil making process, helping you make your edibles in bulk much faster.


    Another fun use for shake is packing it all in a vaporizer and blasting off into a fantastic headspace. Vaping shake will help eliminate any of the harshness that might come from any miscellaneous seeds and stems hidden in your stash, and it’s one of the better ways to maximize the effectiveness of your leftovers’ high. Bowls and bongs can also be substituted as vaporizer replacements, though remember to be observant while packing the bowl to remove any debris that might have found its way into your shake, since it will not be neutralized like it would in a vaporizer.

    Infused Beverages

    One of the best ways to turn a boozy beverage up a notch is to infuse it with THC, a process which is incredibly easy to do using shake. Simply decarb your shake in the oven, and after it’s been removed and cooled, pour all of that good stuff into an airtight container or glass jar. Next, coat all of the shake with your alcohol of choice – ideally something 100 proof – filling the container or jar high enough so that the liquid covers all of the shake. From here on out, perform the daily ritual of shaking the goods for about two weeks, after which, you’ll be in the clear to start serving up some infused beverages to yourself and all your friends.

    Skin Care Products

    Did someone say skin care products? That’s right, shake can be easily transformed into an essential oil by decarbing it into a powder and mixing it with an existing natural oil, such as lavender. After mixing the powder and the natural oil of your choice, apply heat and let the mixture cool for a few hours. Regardless of the type of essential oil you’re making, you have now given it a video game style upgrade, the THC boost of which should help relax your body and mind, while the traditional essential oil works its magic.


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